Farewell to Sen. Ted Kennedy & Michael Jackson

Google Tribute MJ with this Logo!

Google Tribute MJ with this Logo!

Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy



Two powerful individual will be laid to rest today.  May these icon will rest in peace and we will  miss him dearly.

Both individual dies on 25th of June and August but they were barried in the same day 08.29.2009.  They are well known around the world and share their life publicly.  Sen. Ted Kennedy so call ‘Lion of Senate’ who was a voice of public.  He established the disability Act and many more.  He served the senate position for 47 years.  Unfortunately, he lost battling with a malignant brain tumor which limited his apprearances in the Senate.   He died on 25th August 2009 in the age on 77 will barried in Arlington cerementary.   Presidents (Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter) attended the funeral mass.  And President Obama delivered eulogy.   ED KENNEDY FUNERAL MASS

A talented singer discovered since he was 5years old and who became The King of Pop.  He was the most succesful musician.  Even in death, the King of Pop is still shrouded in mystery.  He dies on 25th June after suffering from cardiac arrest in the age of 50years.  And his family decided to has his barried on his birthday.  His memorial service was broadcast live around the world.  Although,  there are so many alligation about his death but his finally lay to rest after 2months long.   And Michael Jackson will be buried in the Holly Terrace of the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Forest Lawn is the Disneyland of famous cemeteries, designed to convince people that death is not a sorrowful ending but a return to joyful innocence.  The building is heavily guarded, and off-limits to the public.

Though I must say today Sen. Kennedy get more attention than MJ.  Well, probably MJ get too much attention on 06/25 because Farah Fawcett also dies on the same day but the media is all about Michael Jackson.

RIP Sen. Kennedy and Michael Jackson.

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