Happy 11th Birthday to Google!

11th years ago, Google exist and we hardly hear about this compare to Yahoo or any other search engine.  But today there is no single person do not know about Google.  In fact, our home page set up as Google home page lol!  

Google @ 1600 Amphithreatre Parkway has been very active in term of productivities.  Managed to developed many APPS,  advertising program and etc.  Of course the Google Mobile (Android, Bake, CupCake, Donut, Eclair, Flan & beyond) 

They used to be No.1 place to work at but due to the costs cutting and it drop to No.4 but hey it still great place to work at though.

People who talk too much!

How are we going to classify people who talk too much?!  Anyway, I will consider this kind of people who don’t have sense of humor & Insucurity.  These group of people and I tent to avoid…

As the clock ticking closer to 8am and people are getting back on their desk to start their day at work.  But most of the time I hear yada yada, talk, talk follow by blah blah. OMG! why they have so much things to talk about?  He talk about his girl whining for something, another one talk about what he did last night so on and on.  Gees, who cares on what he/she did? 

Seriously, I don’t mean to listen but they are just too loud.  Just hoping these people may consider to pipe down but you know the answer they don’t!

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Bad People behavior + 6

OMG! It is a bad and dark day for all of us in America to witness the moronic behavior act liked Kenya West did to Taylor Swift.  Anyway, Taylor won The Best Female Video award however this twit hijacked her microphone and interrupted her acceptance speech.  He repeatedly said and I quoted ‘Beyonce got a Best Video for all time’  Come on what’s wrong with him!  Even our President said he is a Jackass!  Though I would suggest MTV Organization need to ban this twit on the future event.  This is not his 1st time to do this to the fellow winner.  In fact, he need to take 48hrs to figure out apologies to Taylor wow!  Which part of your brain not functioning?! Shame on you…

I am glad to see Tay Tay to handle the situation well and the classy Beyonce invited Taylor on stage to share the moment as she won award of the year.

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Patrick Swayze Dies

We have just lost another talented and iconic actor ‘Patrick Swayze’.  He passed away today at the age of 57 years old. 

RIP Patrick…

That’s I call ‘QT’

After a long week at work and there is nothing better than we got our quality time together.  Spent our lazy day together from shop to cook and cuddle on the couch while sipping wine & movie.  Ah it’s just wonderful. 

Too bad I got to in bed early as need to wake up early tomorrow.  Because  I signed up as volunteer for Art and Wine Festival @ Mountain View.


I can’t think off any PERFECT word besides ‘Insecurity’ to describe this twit.  He calls his wife more then dozen times a day from work and unfortunately I am in the same cube with him rats!  Understood, it is a  sweet thing to communicate with your partner where both aren’t in the same place.  But hey if they can’t handle 8hrs apart then stay home and they will have  24hrs a day!

In additional, he talk very loud on the phone and I am not sure whether he wants people to listen or being retarted. Here’s some of the words…

  1. What are you doing!
  2. Do you eat?
  3. I love you more
  4. When I call you next time please let me know at least one thing that you want.  Just anything regardless it is Lollipop.

OMG!  this individual clearly ‘Insecure’ otherwise how could he react like this!  That’s lead me to think he must be do not have enough work to otherwise

Though it is not my business on how he react but those annoying chats really bother me.  Especially, he can’t performance his work well and causing delay on my project.  That’s really pissed me off!

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The magic of 09.09.2009

9th September is just another ordinary day for most of the people especially in Western Country.  However, it will be a different in Asia because ‘9’ is a simbol of ‘long lasting’!  This is why most of the dating couples plan to tie the knox on this special date.

Well, like the old phrase ‘To Have and To Hold’  May the new couple enjpy the ride of married. Congratulation!

6th Wedding Anniversary

6th years ago at this time ‘2pm’ both of us were stood in front of SF City Hall Judge while he proceeding our Wedding Ceremony.  Well, time truly flies and we are now stepping into the 6th years already.  Of course, he is still the one that I catching myself to dream of him, talking over with and the one who I cuddle next as close as I could.  He just lovely and I can’t get enough of him.

I knew and understood that both of us could handle our life better rather then work Work WORK.  But perhaps this year we may change a bit.  I am hoping to have our buddle of joy with blue eyes soon.

Bay Bridge REMAINS closed until Wed 5am

Cal-Trans had just annouced  that The Bay Bridge will remain CLOSED until Wednesday Sept 9 by 5am.  They will not be able to complete emergency repairs in time to open the bridge as scheduled Tuesday.

Bridge officials said they did not know how the crack occurred but said the eyebar did not fail because of strain from the project that necessitated this weekend’s closure.  “There’s a lot of rust in the crack, so it’s been there for a while,” Forner said.  The last time the bridge was inspected was in 2007, and there was no sign then that the eyebar was cracked, he said.

Despite the seriousness of the new problem, state engineers said the damage would not have led to bridge failure. The eyebar is part of a network of eight similar pieces, and when it failed, the stress was redistributed to the other strands.

Check the Transit Options page for information on expanded public transit services for your Tuesday commute. Stay tuned to 511 for further developments.

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