Bay Bridge REMAINS closed until Wed 5am

Cal-Trans had just annouced  that The Bay Bridge will remain CLOSED until Wednesday Sept 9 by 5am.  They will not be able to complete emergency repairs in time to open the bridge as scheduled Tuesday.

Bridge officials said they did not know how the crack occurred but said the eyebar did not fail because of strain from the project that necessitated this weekend’s closure.  “There’s a lot of rust in the crack, so it’s been there for a while,” Forner said.  The last time the bridge was inspected was in 2007, and there was no sign then that the eyebar was cracked, he said.

Despite the seriousness of the new problem, state engineers said the damage would not have led to bridge failure. The eyebar is part of a network of eight similar pieces, and when it failed, the stress was redistributed to the other strands.

Check the Transit Options page for information on expanded public transit services for your Tuesday commute. Stay tuned to 511 for further developments.

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