I can’t think off any PERFECT word besides ‘Insecurity’ to describe this twit.  He calls his wife more then dozen times a day from work and unfortunately I am in the same cube with him rats!  Understood, it is a  sweet thing to communicate with your partner where both aren’t in the same place.  But hey if they can’t handle 8hrs apart then stay home and they will have  24hrs a day!

In additional, he talk very loud on the phone and I am not sure whether he wants people to listen or being retarted. Here’s some of the words…

  1. What are you doing!
  2. Do you eat?
  3. I love you more
  4. When I call you next time please let me know at least one thing that you want.  Just anything regardless it is Lollipop.

OMG!  this individual clearly ‘Insecure’ otherwise how could he react like this!  That’s lead me to think he must be do not have enough work to otherwise

Though it is not my business on how he react but those annoying chats really bother me.  Especially, he can’t performance his work well and causing delay on my project.  That’s really pissed me off!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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