People who talk too much!

How are we going to classify people who talk too much?!  Anyway, I will consider this kind of people who don’t have sense of humor & Insucurity.  These group of people and I tent to avoid…

As the clock ticking closer to 8am and people are getting back on their desk to start their day at work.  But most of the time I hear yada yada, talk, talk follow by blah blah. OMG! why they have so much things to talk about?  He talk about his girl whining for something, another one talk about what he did last night so on and on.  Gees, who cares on what he/she did? 

Seriously, I don’t mean to listen but they are just too loud.  Just hoping these people may consider to pipe down but you know the answer they don’t!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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