Bad People Behavior +7

Confuse and pauses are my reaction while I am witnessing the bad people behavior earlier.  I was in Armadillow Willy’s earlier to pickup my order.  Saw a lady who coming in while she is busy talking on the phone.  Though not sure why she just walk a few steps forward from the door.  Well, when more customer come in and it obviously no room for late comer to get in because she did not adjust her spot.  Gees, I really wish the worker in restaurant will say something unfortunately they didn’t.

When the clerk able to take the next order and she is still on phone thus the person who queue behind her will just bypass her.  Guess what she has time to said ‘I am next’! and when she got up to the counter and she still on the phone and have no clue what to order!

Gees, shame on her to have such a bad behavior.  What’s wrong to let other go first when she is not ready and in additional she is on the phone?  What a selfish bitch! i think she is not smart enough to figure that out.

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My Citizenship Oath Ceremony

What a gorgeous morning!  Birds singing and the sun is shining.  Yes, Today is the day I am officially be a citizen of  United States of America.  It was a beautiful ceremony, there are 435 new citizens are taking the naturalization oath from 57 countries.  And I am one of them.  I am very proud to be an American.

I remember when I first came into California with USD1,000, two bags and the mission of a job relocation.  Obviously, I had no clue what I was getting into.  With the culture shock, neither credit history nor a real friend, I must admit that it was tough.  But my days getting brighter and everything simply perfect since I found my true love.  His blue-blue eyes and magic means the world to me.   Thank you love!

Liquid suppose to pour into trash bin or sink?

Base on the title of this post and it obviously no brainer to think about whether liquid suppose to pour into Trash Bin or Sink!?!

Trust me and I witness it this morning at my work place.  One of my peer pour his overnight drink into the trash bin that we share.  But I don’t understand why he can’t just walk a few steps more to our micro kitchen where there is a ‘SINK’ there!  I did gave him a hint and suggest to him to pour the drink into the sink instead but his responses was it’s just ‘Trash Bin’.  But what if the trash bin leak and must everyone got to smell the overnight drink in our work place?!

This twit used to place his dirty utensil on my desk many times and I did brought attention to my boss.  I bet he is just another person who has bad habit in his dirty and disgusting world.

What is your thought about this twit!

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Irresponsible NWA’s pilots

OMG!  I got chill and Thankful to hear that the flight that miss the Airport by 150 Miles before landed with 147 passangers safely.

Can you imagine one hour and 18mins, the pilots flying at 37,000 feet above the sea level where radio silent with air traffic controllers, who at time tried to reach the cockpit, according to a news release from National Transportation Safety Board. 

It simply because of the heated discussion over the airline policy and lost awareness of the situation, the Federal Aviation Administration said.  There is one word can describe these twits ‘Irresponsible’.

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Garth Brooks is BACK!

The Countries music fans must be very thrill to hear this.  This star who won many awards includes 2 Grammy Awards, 17 American Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, 18 Academy of Country Awards, 5 World Music Awards, 12 People’s Choice Awards, 36 Bilboard Music Award.  He has been named artist of the decade during his 1990’s prime by both American Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards.  He officially retired from performing in 2001 to be a family man.  But hey he is back!  with his hi-energy performance. 

Thanks to Steve Wynn who offered provisions for the start to spend a few performance weekends in Vegas and still maintain close ties with his family.  As the part of the Vegas resident performance stint and Steve Wynn buys plance for GB.  How cool is that…

Performances are slated to occur 15 weekends per years or until GB chooses to cease performing.  Confirmed concert dated are below:-

  • Dec 11, 12 & 13 (in conjuction with the National Finals Rodeo festivities)
  • Jan 1, 2, 3, 22, 23, 24
  • Feb 12, 13,14, 26, 27 & 28

Time start on Friday through Sunday at 8pm and end by 10.30pm in the Encore Theatre ay Wynn Las Vegas. 

Though GB strongly hinted that his wife Trisha Yearwood may occasionally join him onstage in a duo performance.

6 years old Colorado boy found alive!

Relief is the right word for Henne’s family and also everyone who follow the live media coverage.  It was claimed that the 6years old Falcon craw into the homemade helium balloon AKA aircraft.  The balloon flew for more than two hours with 25miles per hour.  Sadly after balloon landed and the authorities confirmed the boy wasn’t there!  Gees, it makes everyone shock and sad to think where is the boy?  Because his brother told the investigators and his parents that Falcon was in the balloon when it went up.

But hey Happy ending happens!  The little boy was found inside the box that holds all the batteries, and Henne said he had yelled at him for doing that.   Falcon said ‘I was in the attic as thought he is in trouble and afraid his dad yelling at him.

Well, his family difinately learned a good lesson.

Good Shopping Day!

Since my love is still working on his presentation and I will just heading out to do my shopping.  What’s else besides clothing! Stopped by shopping mall and picked up some cute clothing and skirts.  Ah I like them so much and I have additional clothing in my closet 🙂

Taking care of hair..

Hair is the key component to bring out the personality, sassiness and sexyness of the individual.  Regardless you got thick or thin hair and you should know how to take care of your hair. 

Be clean, samphoo + conditioner hair and trim it at least 6 to 8 weeks.  Though if you have dandruff then look for the right shampoo. If you don’t have time to take care of your hair and I would suggest you to simply keep it short.  It much easier to maintain and save $ as well. 

Gees, I am dealing with the degusting smelly hair in my work place.  One of my peer got a long day and when the weather temperature getting warmer and you can tell the stinky smell floating around yuck!   Sometime I just want to shout out loud ‘Come on lady!  please be clean and wash your damn hair’.  Just don’t understand why is so hard to get hair wash 2days once?

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Late but worth the wait…

I finally received the notice from USCIS about my Oath Ceremony!  Yes, and it will be schedule of 29th Oct @ 10am.  My previous Oath Ceremony was schedule on 08/20 however due to my love is still in his European business trip thus I wasn’t able to make it that day.   But hey it was late but worth the wait.

Dad’s 2nd memorial Anniversary!

Yes, he is gone for 2years now!  Time indeed flies and hopes he is in the better place.  No longer fight for the disease and worries about $ anymore. Although, he has been causing lots of problem about his gambling habits but I still love and miss him.  After all he is my Dad. 

I knew it is a huge impact for Mom since Dad passed away but at least Mom got some peace by not to worry about $ and etc.  Hope Dad will bless Mom with stronger spirit and happier.