How to deal with people!

Well, this is a bold and wide question and bet it’s not easy to answer.  Each person have their own way of behaving.  He/She may be straight forward, pure, sincere, kind, ego, evil, talkative, bad and many more.

Thought straight forward is good but how many people can take the truth and heat?  Not many for sure unless he/she willing to accept the fact.  No offend people are evil and this is nature.  A good example at the grocery store:-

Just stand at the eggs section and you may notice the consumer will pickup the box eggs and check if the eggs are cracks and you may even see people ex-change the large eggs to their box!

I liked people who sincere and straight forward.  However, I would stay away from people who ego, evil, greedy, talkative and bad.  Seriously, I don’t have time for these groups of people nor interested to listen to their crap. They are just incompetent and need to talk and talk.

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Season Holiday officially kick off!

The smell of spice, the yellow leaf that fell on the ground and the beautiful holiday decoration on the street or mall just make me smile.  That’s right the Season Holiday is now officially kicks off after the Thanksgiving celebration.  The nice holiday music that some of the radio station begin to play for 247 until Christmas is over.   I truly love this time of year…

My plan for the holiday gift is ready too…

Black Friday 2009

After the good eats from the ‘Thanksgiving’ celebration and up next will be Black Friday deal!  In this economy crisis either retailer or shopper will hope for this day to get the business. Though some of retailer started the deal earlier to lure more business.

There are some absolute deals such as 32″ flat screen TV for 278.00 with free shipping.  Rice cooker, slow cooker for $3 and many more.  I am glad both retailer and shopper play their part on the safety method.  Unlike last year 2 life were taken.

I didn’t care much for the deal because I decided to cancel off the gift to my fellow co-worker.  But I do notice people behaving badly such as a group of moron were standing right on the entrance for their chat.  Blocking the walk way while he/she busy chatting on the phone, gave hint to his brother simply she want this and that, she can walk perfectly but she parked on disable parking spot and etc.  Come on people and shame on you where is your sense of humor?

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Thanksgiving 2009

American celebrating  ‘Thanksgiving’ event with eating lot of food with their closes pals and family.  From the main entree such as Turkey, spiral ham, the side dish of green beans casserole and dessert of pumpkin pie and cookies.  Bet most of the house wives spend hours in their kitchen to prep for the meal.

We got spiral ham instead of turkey this year.  Also, I got the sample of the ham and it taste good but the one we got just too salty.  And I spent about 5hours in the kitchen.

I am Thankful for EVERYTHING that I have today.  Thanks to the highest up there and my best friend, my love and my hubby always there for me.  Thank you love for loving me like you do.

Alton Brown visited Google MTV

Yes! The cooking Teacher of the year AKA Best Food Guru visited Google MTV this morning.  There is no words can fix the title of ‘The cooking Teacher of year & Best Food Guru’ besides Alton Brown.  He is the creator and host of  The Food Network TV show call Good Eats. And he just celebrated 10 Anniversary special early this month for the show.  He is also the main commentator on Iron Chef America and many more.  Of course, the author of cooking books and the latest one is ‘The Early Years’.

Alton, Google and You Tube team up to answer the most puzzling Thanksgiving from the YouTube community and celebrate Thanksgiving with new themes and gadgets for iGoogle.

200 of his latest cook book given away to attendance.  Unfortunately, I was there even 20mins early and yet not able to get the book 😦 though it was a great experience to watch him live on stage.

Check it out..

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It is not classy to do so!

WTF is my first reaction to know about this.  She is hinting us that she wants MacBook pro for a while now.  She even told us that there is a deal for $900.  Come on!  How could that be real?  The price of Mac at least $1300 or more and it depends on size from 13″, 15″ or 17″.  Seriously, even the deal is real and I don’t see any reason to get that since she already have laptops to use.  Again, she can’t even handle Thinkpad well and why willing to waste $ on this especially we are in economy crisis.  Her desire on the MacBook pro simply because to show off her fellow at work just TOO stupid.

Gees, what a shame for a phd that don’t understand the simple humor.  Let me tell you lady ‘Is it not classy to do so’! and just wonder what next that you need?

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43rd CMA Awards

It is an awards week in Nashville.  The 43rd CMA Awards set on today 11th November 2009.  Hosted once again by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.   Taylor who did the opening of the night but I wish Carrie perform her new music ‘Cowboy Casanova’ as opening of the show though.  But she did it in the middle of the show.  Well, her dancing just too stiff!

There are a few of the big names that perform in this event.  There are Jason Aldean, Brook and Dunn, Kenny Chesney with Dave Matthews, Billy Currington, Vince Gill and Daughtry, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker,  George Strait, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and Zac Brown Band.

The winners includes..

  • Entertainment of the year:  Taylor Swift
  • Single:  “Fearless” – Taylor Swiff
  • Song: In color – Jamey Johnson, Lee Thomas Miller, James Otto
  • Female Vocalist: Taylor Swift
  • Male Vovalist: Brad Paisley
  • Vocal Group:  Lady Antebellum
  • Vocal Duo:  Sugarland
  • Musical Event:  Start a band – Brad Paisley duet with Keith Urban
  • Music video:  Love Story – Taylor Swift
  • New Artist:  Darius Rucker

Well, it was Tay Tay’s night and she swept it all.  4 categories were nominated and she won it all.  OMG!  it was a heavy category for the Entertainment of the year category.  This is because the nominees include George Strait, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban.  By hey the nineteen years old sweet heart win it all.

But weird things happened!  Before the show end and Carrie said ‘What about us! we are awesome right?’  oh my!  it would be nice she just said nothing at all.

Idiot of the day!

As I heading to my car after the grocery shopping earlier.  I notice a kid about 1-2years old.  Standing on the driver seat while playing with the wheel.  I tried to look around but I don’t see anyone in the car beside himself.  Though not sure how long the boy had been locked in the car.  Thus I decided to stay in my car to keep on eyes on him although I need to rush home to prepare our dinner.

I tried to look for security folk and will dial 911 for help next!  Then I notice an adult walking toward that car with bags of grocery.  Gees, I feel relief to see him because finally someone with the toddler but I was mad at the same time as such a behavior.   Seriously, I not sure why nor desire to know his reason for doing so.  But again, any parent SHOULD NOT leave their kid alone especially in a car.  It could be end up a disaster!  With this incident and he will be an IDIOT of the day.  What a moron!

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Fall back!

Day Light Saving ends and Yes once again we will gain an hour which is a good thing.  However, I truly dislike the change because day time is getting shorter 😦 and it’s definitely not good.