Idiot of the day!

As I heading to my car after the grocery shopping earlier.  I notice a kid about 1-2years old.  Standing on the driver seat while playing with the wheel.  I tried to look around but I don’t see anyone in the car beside himself.  Though not sure how long the boy had been locked in the car.  Thus I decided to stay in my car to keep on eyes on him although I need to rush home to prepare our dinner.

I tried to look for security folk and will dial 911 for help next!  Then I notice an adult walking toward that car with bags of grocery.  Gees, I feel relief to see him because finally someone with the toddler but I was mad at the same time as such a behavior.   Seriously, I not sure why nor desire to know his reason for doing so.  But again, any parent SHOULD NOT leave their kid alone especially in a car.  It could be end up a disaster!  With this incident and he will be an IDIOT of the day.  What a moron!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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