It is not classy to do so!

WTF is my first reaction to know about this.  She is hinting us that she wants MacBook pro for a while now.  She even told us that there is a deal for $900.  Come on!  How could that be real?  The price of Mac at least $1300 or more and it depends on size from 13″, 15″ or 17″.  Seriously, even the deal is real and I don’t see any reason to get that since she already have laptops to use.  Again, she can’t even handle Thinkpad well and why willing to waste $ on this especially we are in economy crisis.  Her desire on the MacBook pro simply because to show off her fellow at work just TOO stupid.

Gees, what a shame for a phd that don’t understand the simple humor.  Let me tell you lady ‘Is it not classy to do so’! and just wonder what next that you need?

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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