Alton Brown visited Google MTV

Yes! The cooking Teacher of the year AKA Best Food Guru visited Google MTV this morning.  There is no words can fix the title of ‘The cooking Teacher of year & Best Food Guru’ besides Alton Brown.  He is the creator and host of  The Food Network TV show call Good Eats. And he just celebrated 10 Anniversary special early this month for the show.  He is also the main commentator on Iron Chef America and many more.  Of course, the author of cooking books and the latest one is ‘The Early Years’.

Alton, Google and You Tube team up to answer the most puzzling Thanksgiving from the YouTube community and celebrate Thanksgiving with new themes and gadgets for iGoogle.

200 of his latest cook book given away to attendance.  Unfortunately, I was there even 20mins early and yet not able to get the book 😦 though it was a great experience to watch him live on stage.

Check it out..

By elizascott Posted in Food

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