Black Friday 2009

After the good eats from the ‘Thanksgiving’ celebration and up next will be Black Friday deal!  In this economy crisis either retailer or shopper will hope for this day to get the business. Though some of retailer started the deal earlier to lure more business.

There are some absolute deals such as 32″ flat screen TV for 278.00 with free shipping.  Rice cooker, slow cooker for $3 and many more.  I am glad both retailer and shopper play their part on the safety method.  Unlike last year 2 life were taken.

I didn’t care much for the deal because I decided to cancel off the gift to my fellow co-worker.  But I do notice people behaving badly such as a group of moron were standing right on the entrance for their chat.  Blocking the walk way while he/she busy chatting on the phone, gave hint to his brother simply she want this and that, she can walk perfectly but she parked on disable parking spot and etc.  Come on people and shame on you where is your sense of humor?

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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