How to deal with people!

Well, this is a bold and wide question and bet it’s not easy to answer.  Each person have their own way of behaving.  He/She may be straight forward, pure, sincere, kind, ego, evil, talkative, bad and many more.

Thought straight forward is good but how many people can take the truth and heat?  Not many for sure unless he/she willing to accept the fact.  No offend people are evil and this is nature.  A good example at the grocery store:-

Just stand at the eggs section and you may notice the consumer will pickup the box eggs and check if the eggs are cracks and you may even see people ex-change the large eggs to their box!

I liked people who sincere and straight forward.  However, I would stay away from people who ego, evil, greedy, talkative and bad.  Seriously, I don’t have time for these groups of people nor interested to listen to their crap. They are just incompetent and need to talk and talk.

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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