New Year Eve!

Many part of the world already welcome the year of 2010 with beautiful fireworks.  However, the city workers are still trying their best to prep the night, Police department enforcement new rule to ensure fellow folks may enjoy the night in the safer manner.  Restaurateur to ensure they came out with the unique program for this special night to lure more customers.

And then I am here at home throwing up almost whole day.  I ate Philippines breakfast and green gapes in the morning.  For some reason my stomach can’t digest well especially on the meat and grape.  Struggling on writing greeting card to my love as I do not want him to know there will be a card for him to night.

We went out for Japanese food for dinner.  Though I can’t really eat as I don’t feel well.  Throw up twice in the restaurant however Thanks to God that I made it to the rest room.  My face was so pale and on our way home I threw up again yuck!  Love asked me to use ‘Promethazine’ thus I insert  that then follow by gave love the greeting card and kisses before to bed.  Because I knew that I can’t wake up in time by 12mid night to give him the card and kisses.

Darn!  I really did not expect my New Year Eve will be in this way.  Perhaps the nasty 2009 will over quick and welcoming brand new great 2010 ahead.

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Last work week of year 2009

This is the last work week of year and also the 2nd last work day of  2009.  Most of the people are on their Season Holidays vacation.  It was a very slow day for us.  One of our peer suggested and asked if we are allowed to movie!  Guess what! my manager stand up and told us quoted ‘Let’s go & Come on’.  Thus I will just join them.

We made it to Century Cinema 16 down the street from our campus.  Got the tickets @ 10.30am for ‘Sherlock Holmes’ which directed by Guy Ritchie and starring by Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law just to names a few.  I thought it was boring, dull and slow but it certainly good for passing time.

Well, this is my 1st time to cinema after 6years where I found the theater so dirty and smelly thus made me stop going for movies.  Glad that the environment in the cinema is much cleaner now!

Top 10 most fascinating incidents in 2009

In regards of good, bad, sweet or bitter we are going to wrap up the year of 2009.  Looking back and here’s my 10 most fascinating incident as below:-

  1. Got my #8 laptop in Feb 2009
  2. Utilized cloud computing
  3. Got my 1st aquarium in July
  4. Passed my USCIS interview on 08/05 for my N400 application
  5. Celebrating our #6 Wedding Anniversary in September
  6. Caught into H1N1 Swine flu.
  7. My Citizenship oath Ceremony on 10/29 @ 10am
  8. Watched Carlos Santana live in May @ main campus / Alton Brown live in Nov @ main campus
  9. Decided back to school with effective Winter semester
  10. Got my U.S. Passport

Christmas 2009

It’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!  That’s right it’s Christmas 🙂  Though I normally can’t stay until that late but I did that this time because I want to wait for the moment.  Just to be the first one to wish, kiss and hug my love.   When the clock hit 12midnight and I gave him a sweet kiss, big hug, greeting card & gifts.  He gave a cool gifts for me as well.  What a wonder moment!  Thank you love.

Then woke up around 4am+ to call home to wish my sister, granny and aunt but too bad can’t get hold of Mom’s cell.  I will try again later.

Well, there was a very disturbed  news that I discovered from my sister.  Her whole family swing by our home in Balik Pulau where Mom and brother family live on Christmas eve.  Guess what!  my sister standing outside the door and asked if Mom around.  And my brother said ‘Don’t know’!  Thus Evelyn asked again ‘Don’t know’? and he replied probably granny home.  What frustrating was he not even paid attention by welcoming and open the door follow by walk in the house.  Well, sister Evelyn thought he went in to get the key.  OMG! he came out with a broom stick and dustpan!  Uhg..what’s wrong with this moron?  Seriously, shame on your behavior and even the 3 year old will behave better!  Evelyn just left since there is no sign of welcoming.  Not sure what is going with him but one thing for sure.  He changed significantly ever since he got married with the trashy lady.  He treat our parent & sibling badly.  Well, May God Bless his family and him.  Hopefully, he redeem himself before too late.

Santa Claus rally ’09

ho Ho HO!!!  Everyone just waiting for this Santa rally and ‘YES’ it landed well.  The market closed @ noon with good result.  Dow closed at +0.51% and Nasdaq +0.71%.  Let’s hope some magic will happens with higher point on 12/31 boo yah!

The Santa Claus rally AKA the ‘December Effect’  The rally is generally attributed to anticipation of the January effect, an injection of additional funds into the market, and to additional trades which must, for accounting and tax reasons, be completed the end of the year.

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Christmas decorations

Oh my! It’s about 9.30pm after dinner and we both just about to wind down for the long holidays weekend.  Then my love asked me to put on my jacket and let’s go out!  Hmm that’s surprise and I asked him if it is right now and he said ‘Yes’.

Guess what!  He took me to watch the Christmas lawn decorations by some of the houses.  Wow!  It was great and even attract visitors to watch it.  I bet their energy bill will be extremely high.  Though I did not do any decoration this year neither home nor work.  This bad flu seasons has been bothering both of us very much.  Also, the unconfirmed move schedule just makes me can’t do anything!

Though it was very sweet of him to drove me to watch the lights 🙂  Thank You love!

Winter officially here!

Winter is now officially here!  Everyone once again to put on their winter clothing, scarf, boots and etc.  This is because the weather temperature will be cooler.  In fact, there were  frost nights prior Winter arrives in California.  The temperature was below 30+ degrees!  Thank God our heater at home and heated blanket keep us warm.

As for East Coast folks once again they got to deals with the pile of snow whoops and Good luck!

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If you’re sick, PLEASE STAY HOME!

There is no doubt that if you are sick then you got to stay home especially in this bad flu season.  Notes and poster have been posted everywhere to reminds everyone about this and constantly wash your hand.

This is because the we breathing in the same air, and who ever sick and yet who came to work will contribute the gem to others.  Uhg! I got so sick this weekend.  It is because both twit are so sick one of them coughing non stop and another constantly sneezing.  And I share a same booth pan with them.  Oh joy!

I tried to drink Apple juice and OJ but still can’t stop their virus on Friday and got so sick on Saturday and Sunday.  Thank God at least I got 2days to recover but it is not easy.    OMG! A very hurtful words from the moron was quoted ‘ Scored! I am gem carrier’  Yuck!  What a irresponsible twit.

This is my warning to those moron who sick and yet to work! ‘PLEASE STAY HOME’

Bizarre behavior during this Season Holidays

Green, red, gold or silver all kind of decoration that you can imagine.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The old, young, rich or poor will celebrate as much as they could beside more bizarre behavior at this time.  Here’s the usual situation that I had been seen..

Our vendor got us 6 cannoli’s for Season Holidays which just perfect for our team as we have 6 people in our team.  However, after he hand it over to us and he also invited others for the cannoli!  Whoops and the others came from another building for the cannoli!  Gees, I am not going to argue for the cannoli but hey this is the moral issues.  (If you give away thing and you have no right to call others)

One of my co-worker got a called to pickup ‘Snuggies’ from the vendor to distribute to our team as a appreciation. This is because we help them before.  Unfortunately, he took it as his gift to us.  He told us that quoted ‘Hope you like this Snuggies’.  Guess what the vendor ping me and asked me if I got the Snuggies thus I realized that is wasn’t from him ha ha.  I didn’t crack his shell though but this is totally not appropriate.  (It is OK to tell the true rather)

A rip and broken dog toy to his managed who don’t have dog at home!  Ah that’s sad for 50+ years individual have the taste like that. (I am speechless)

I bet is all because of economy situation causing people to act like the absolute bizarre behavior that I ever seen.  Again, it is OK for no gift if the situation not allow.

MRI Scans on his right knee..

It’s Sunday and we both woke up around 5.30am which unusual.  But it ok though because my love got an appointment @ 6.30am on his MRI Scan for his right knee.  Too bad I am not allow to enter the scanning room to explore.   It took around 30mins for the process.   picked up pan cakes on our way home and follow by back to bed.

I am so glad that he finally decided to focus and get this done.  Just too painful to see him suffering the pain if he stand and walk too long 😦  In fact, we need to be very careful while we ‘having fun’ and got to be sure to skip certain position to avoid more pressure of his right knee. Let’s hope we will get a good result and take small process to fix it.

p/s: Skiing is fun but is dangerous in the same time!  His knee was hit by Ski Board years ago.

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