MRI Scans on his right knee..

It’s Sunday and we both woke up around 5.30am which unusual.  But it ok though because my love got an appointment @ 6.30am on his MRI Scan for his right knee.  Too bad I am not allow to enter the scanning room to explore.   It took around 30mins for the process.   picked up pan cakes on our way home and follow by back to bed.

I am so glad that he finally decided to focus and get this done.  Just too painful to see him suffering the pain if he stand and walk too long 😦  In fact, we need to be very careful while we ‘having fun’ and got to be sure to skip certain position to avoid more pressure of his right knee. Let’s hope we will get a good result and take small process to fix it.

p/s: Skiing is fun but is dangerous in the same time!  His knee was hit by Ski Board years ago.

By elizascott Posted in Health

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