Bizarre behavior during this Season Holidays

Green, red, gold or silver all kind of decoration that you can imagine.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The old, young, rich or poor will celebrate as much as they could beside more bizarre behavior at this time.  Here’s the usual situation that I had been seen..

Our vendor got us 6 cannoli’s for Season Holidays which just perfect for our team as we have 6 people in our team.  However, after he hand it over to us and he also invited others for the cannoli!  Whoops and the others came from another building for the cannoli!  Gees, I am not going to argue for the cannoli but hey this is the moral issues.  (If you give away thing and you have no right to call others)

One of my co-worker got a called to pickup ‘Snuggies’ from the vendor to distribute to our team as a appreciation. This is because we help them before.  Unfortunately, he took it as his gift to us.  He told us that quoted ‘Hope you like this Snuggies’.  Guess what the vendor ping me and asked me if I got the Snuggies thus I realized that is wasn’t from him ha ha.  I didn’t crack his shell though but this is totally not appropriate.  (It is OK to tell the true rather)

A rip and broken dog toy to his managed who don’t have dog at home!  Ah that’s sad for 50+ years individual have the taste like that. (I am speechless)

I bet is all because of economy situation causing people to act like the absolute bizarre behavior that I ever seen.  Again, it is OK for no gift if the situation not allow.

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