Christmas 2009

It’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!  That’s right it’s Christmas 🙂  Though I normally can’t stay until that late but I did that this time because I want to wait for the moment.  Just to be the first one to wish, kiss and hug my love.   When the clock hit 12midnight and I gave him a sweet kiss, big hug, greeting card & gifts.  He gave a cool gifts for me as well.  What a wonder moment!  Thank you love.

Then woke up around 4am+ to call home to wish my sister, granny and aunt but too bad can’t get hold of Mom’s cell.  I will try again later.

Well, there was a very disturbed  news that I discovered from my sister.  Her whole family swing by our home in Balik Pulau where Mom and brother family live on Christmas eve.  Guess what!  my sister standing outside the door and asked if Mom around.  And my brother said ‘Don’t know’!  Thus Evelyn asked again ‘Don’t know’? and he replied probably granny home.  What frustrating was he not even paid attention by welcoming and open the door follow by walk in the house.  Well, sister Evelyn thought he went in to get the key.  OMG! he came out with a broom stick and dustpan!  Uhg..what’s wrong with this moron?  Seriously, shame on your behavior and even the 3 year old will behave better!  Evelyn just left since there is no sign of welcoming.  Not sure what is going with him but one thing for sure.  He changed significantly ever since he got married with the trashy lady.  He treat our parent & sibling badly.  Well, May God Bless his family and him.  Hopefully, he redeem himself before too late.

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