Last work week of year 2009

This is the last work week of year and also the 2nd last work day of  2009.  Most of the people are on their Season Holidays vacation.  It was a very slow day for us.  One of our peer suggested and asked if we are allowed to movie!  Guess what! my manager stand up and told us quoted ‘Let’s go & Come on’.  Thus I will just join them.

We made it to Century Cinema 16 down the street from our campus.  Got the tickets @ 10.30am for ‘Sherlock Holmes’ which directed by Guy Ritchie and starring by Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law just to names a few.  I thought it was boring, dull and slow but it certainly good for passing time.

Well, this is my 1st time to cinema after 6years where I found the theater so dirty and smelly thus made me stop going for movies.  Glad that the environment in the cinema is much cleaner now!

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