New Year Eve!

Many part of the world already welcome the year of 2010 with beautiful fireworks.  However, the city workers are still trying their best to prep the night, Police department enforcement new rule to ensure fellow folks may enjoy the night in the safer manner.  Restaurateur to ensure they came out with the unique program for this special night to lure more customers.

And then I am here at home throwing up almost whole day.  I ate Philippines breakfast and green gapes in the morning.  For some reason my stomach can’t digest well especially on the meat and grape.  Struggling on writing greeting card to my love as I do not want him to know there will be a card for him to night.

We went out for Japanese food for dinner.  Though I can’t really eat as I don’t feel well.  Throw up twice in the restaurant however Thanks to God that I made it to the rest room.  My face was so pale and on our way home I threw up again yuck!  Love asked me to use ‘Promethazine’ thus I insert  that then follow by gave love the greeting card and kisses before to bed.  Because I knew that I can’t wake up in time by 12mid night to give him the card and kisses.

Darn!  I really did not expect my New Year Eve will be in this way.  Perhaps the nasty 2009 will over quick and welcoming brand new great 2010 ahead.

By elizascott Posted in Health

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