Everyone is on Woods case!

Since the car crash that Tiger Woods had in late Nov and we hear it all.  We can simply get it the info from Media or Internet daily.  And these alleged mistress one by one is coming out from the shell  to try and attempt to claim their big buck. In fact, some of them hired an attorney for the $.  OMG!  what’s wrong with this world!

There is no doubt that Tiger is wrong as cheated his wife and family.  But why don’t everyone just back off and give his family and him some privacy especially in this difficult time.

Though it isn’t classy and shame to these ladies to involve with married man.  Where are their sense of  humor and self esteem.  Please woke up and get a better job rather.

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Winter Blast!

Winter came 13days earlier!  the weathertemperature drop to 30+ at night.  I even notice there is layer of  ice on the  windshield of the car that parked outside.  And when I am on my way back from work and I can see the mountain top covered with snow ah it just pretty.

Well, California has been labeled as the best States to live because of the weather.  But hey it now snowing in California too. Anyway, it will be another chilling night again woo…

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Usual Friday night but it was great!

We normally dinner out especially on Friday night just to kick back and relax after a long week at work.  However, we didn’t to night as my love didn’t feeling well.  Thus we went to hospital knowing that this is the ugly flu season.

Thank God the evening clinic is still open and we were waited for 10mins to see the on call Dr.  What a relief that the Dr confirmed it wasn’t Swine flu however Dr advised us to keep track on the fewer it the fewer is up again then will need to take the Tamiflu meds.  Well, regardless what we picked up the meds from pharmacy anyway.  Then stop by Target for the Thermometer guess what we both end up did a little shopping there while drinking the peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks.

We got home around 9pm and order pizza online and later enjoy the pizza while listen Holidays music while guessing the original singer of the song.  This is wonderful and glad his fewer is gone too!

Please give her ‘Kate Mcrae’ a little prayer!

Bet most of the world already hear and read about a 5ive years old girl Kate Mcrae who is battling the killer disease brain tumor!  She diagnosed with a very malignant aggressive brain tumor called supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor or sPNET.

In fact, Dr. Phil & wife Robin visited her at her home and also air her story to the viewer. So, that more people may support and give her a little prayer that matter to Mcrae family. It is very sad situation for Mcrae family especially for a young girl to go through this.  Though her parent got her a pet/dog name Patrick.  Just another reason for her to laugh and jump on her bed :).  The spirit about her that makes her eyes twinkle, so innocent yet so strong.  I almost feel as if she is related to me, as I instantly fell in love with her.

Please give her a little prayer and for more details please check their website ‘http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mcraekate’

May God Bless and be strong girl…

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