No Phone Zone!

I am very impressed that Oprah took her celebrity power to go for the ‘No Phone Zone’ campaign to bring awareness of  No Phone Zone pledge.  Seriously, just too many lives had been shorten simply because of people using cell while driving.

There is no doubt, cell phone plays a hug roll in our daily life.  In fact, the kids under 10 years old, grandpa and grandma will also have the cool gadget so ‘Cell Phone’.  However, the smart phone in these days has the cool feature and allow the user to send SMS, GPS navigating, browsing web and may more apps!  In additional, it has the great sound system as well.  The latest Apple Ipod Touch has 64GM and Nexus One by Google has all then Google Apps.

It’s a nature, things come bad and good!  And it came down to how the user operating it.  Although, the hands free driving and ban texting band for teenager law had been enacted in many States.  Sadly, many of them out there still ignore the law.  (still chatting on the cell without headset, texting and browsing web while driving)

Let’s hope people pause and think if is it worth to continue to such a behavior.   Also, feel free to sign up for No Phone Zone.

Cookies Season!

Is that time of the year again and it’s cookies season!  Once again we may see there will be a booth in front of the church or local grocery store for selling the Girl Scouts cookies.  No matter how many varieties available  and our definite choice will still the ‘Thin Mints’.  Bought 3boxes of that from my peer.  Bet I will get more later.

Here are the best selling Girl Scout cookies:-

  1. Think Mints – 25%
  2. Samoas/Caramel deLites – 19%
  3. Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs – 13%
  4. Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos -11%
  5. Shortbread/Trefoils – 9%

For more info please check

Why not after all it’s free!

Why not take a chance to :-

  • –  IHOP to celebrate National Pancake Day on Tuesday, February 23, 2010. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., we’ll give you one free short stack (three) of our famous buttermilk pancakes.* All we ask is that you consider making a donation to support local children’s hospitals through Children’s Miracle Network, or other local charities.
  • Jack in the Box – is giving away its new grilled sandwiches for free on Tuesday, Feb. 23. What’s the catch? You have to buy a fountain drink to get the freebie.

Good Luck!

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Happy Tale

Alleluia!  Alleluia!! Alleluia!!! The Happy Tale finally came through after the 97hrs of the incident happened.  I got a called from my love around 5.27pm that he is on his way to Santa Clara police station to pickup my wallet.  OMG!  I am so glad to heard that and also excited to know what else will be in there.   Can’t wait for him to come back!

Then my love came home with my wallet and I notice all the credit cards which we suspended that night are there.  Also, my ID, DL and the picture of my love.  However, I am so glad to have back the picture of him when he was 6 years.  Very Nice!  Unfortunately,  the coin and others were gone.

Actually,  my love got a called from  a stranger prior the police call.  The stranger found my wallet at the dumpster somewhere San Jose.  My love advised the stranger to send the wallet to police station to avoid scamp.

Although, I am still struggling with pain of the blues and injuries of my knees but I am glad at least I got back something especially the picture of my love. I cleaned the wallet with the disinfectant wipes to avoid gems.

May God Bless the person who sent my wallet to the Police Station.  Thank You so much for being a good citizen.

Small plane crash in Northern California

6mins before 8am a small plane ‘310’ with twin engine Cessna struck transmission tower shortly after take-off.  Crashing down on a residential street and killing all three people on-board.  Also, destroyed two home and vehicles too!  Thank God no one on the street got injury.  Despite the thick fog and the season pilot who has more than 2000 hours on his fly record.  It must be some technical issues. Our thought and prayer to the families of victims.

Taking pilot license is still the goal that I need to achieve but it really lead me to think twice now!

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Still in pain

Day 2 after the robbed incident and my whole body still in pain!  Didn’t sleep well and struggling with pain each times I move.  The pain just drives me nuts.  The blues of my elbow had changed to darker color.  Unfortunately, some parts of the wound on my leg still very raw.  Hopefully alcohol wipes and triple antibiotic may avoid the infection.

The pain of flash back just drive me to the edge and nuts.  Though I feel so blessed as I notice people surrounded me are so nice to show their support to me.  That’s I needed the most.  In additional, I am glad that sgt called me and verifying some details with me for further investigation.  Woahh the county really take good care of my case and I Thank You.

For now ibuprofen will be the source to help me to ease the pain.

Robbery in the parking lot of BOA @ Stevens Creek (cross Finch Ave)

Around 4.30pm and I went out to mail the Nextflex and also to BOA to deposit my rebate check.  As I pulled in the BOA parking lot then I saw a beautiful and shinning Jaguar parked with the engine running at the disable spot.  Hmm the driver who is walking towards the ATM doesn’t looks disable though

While I am depositing my check and the white Jaguar pulled off and leaving the bank.  Well, I am finishing deposit the check and walk towards my car.  I saw a black man walk from behind the next building towards the ATM machine,  I got a senses something ain’t right and as I rush into my car and he is running towards me.  I tried to scream ‘hey, hey, hey while I am on tugging war with him about 20seconds.  I was dragged on the ground as I trying to pulled my handbag.  Unfortunately, I can’t hold on any longer and he ran away with my handbag.   As I was driving away from the bank and the white jaguar couple stop me about 100 feets away and asked me ‘Are You OK’  both of them witness what had happened.  They even call the police and allow me to call my hubby on this.  Five minutes later Officer Lowery came so thus fire truck and ambulance arrived.

My both knees, elbow were injury and bleeding.  The parametric came by and asked if I need to go to hospital or do treatment for me in the ambulance.  I thank them but I don’t think I need that but I need my husband.  The parametric advised me to hospital later just to be sure all are OK.  The wife of the white jaguar got me a drink just to calm me down.  Wow what a sweet lady.  I knew it stupid to resist with him but I felt great as I tried to fight for my stuffs.

Officer Lowery took statement from the witness and me.  And notice 5 of the police cars came with K9 to start they search activities.  I feel so secure when I saw my love is on the way toward me.

My LV handbag, Guess sun glasses, Nokia E61i, digital camera, cash, unique coin from Dad, credit cards, Rosary that blessed by Pope John Paul II and etc were gone now.  It is understood that things lost can generally be replaced, but some just can’t, such as the coin that my father gave me just before he passed away.  I have a little hope that it will ever be found 😦 but I am so grateful that the law enforcement officers responses.  Especially Officer Lowery really took good care of my case.  I truly hope the men who robbed me will be caught soon and redeem himself.  The city of Cupertino need not need this kind of low individual.

However, I want to give my sincere thank to the couple who willing to be the witness and help me around.  Of course, not forgetting Officer Lowery #1843 for the attention on my case.  Also, many thank to my love as always be there for me (will make up time for the Valentine celebration)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.


February known as the shortest month of the year.  It could be either 28days or 29days for this month.  Though I can’t imagine who ever born on 02/29 probably he/she will only celebrate birthday 2years once!

Well, the unique side of February 2010.  This is because both The Lunar Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day are fall on the same day and in the same weekend.  In additional, some people got a long holiday weekend as they got a day off on President’s day on 02/15.