No Phone Zone!

I am very impressed that Oprah took her celebrity power to go for the ‘No Phone Zone’ campaign to bring awareness of  No Phone Zone pledge.  Seriously, just too many lives had been shorten simply because of people using cell while driving.

There is no doubt, cell phone plays a hug roll in our daily life.  In fact, the kids under 10 years old, grandpa and grandma will also have the cool gadget so ‘Cell Phone’.  However, the smart phone in these days has the cool feature and allow the user to send SMS, GPS navigating, browsing web and may more apps!  In additional, it has the great sound system as well.  The latest Apple Ipod Touch has 64GM and Nexus One by Google has all then Google Apps.

It’s a nature, things come bad and good!  And it came down to how the user operating it.  Although, the hands free driving and ban texting band for teenager law had been enacted in many States.  Sadly, many of them out there still ignore the law.  (still chatting on the cell without headset, texting and browsing web while driving)

Let’s hope people pause and think if is it worth to continue to such a behavior.   Also, feel free to sign up for No Phone Zone.

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