The colorful peeps in store!

As the Easter season approaching and once again we can see the Peeps marshmallow candies in store just right in time for the celebration.  I love the colors of the chicks and bunnies and they are so lovely and adorable.  It would great if they have the flavor accordingly to the color.

I love to eat my peeps by aging them.  Just leaving them open package for weeks or month!  It will be crisper density similar to meringue cookies or the hard ice-cream marshmallow topping on candy ice cream cones.  Eat it while it frozen is good too.

How many ‘You Know’ is enough?

you know! You Know!! YOU KNOW!!!  uhg I got annoyed by looking at these words.  How about you?  just imagine if you have 5mins conversation and get dozen of  ‘You Know’ wording on it.  Gees, it will ticks me off for sure.  And my respond will be ‘I don’t know rather’.

Don’t care nor want to know why people tend to say this but I will stay away from this type people.  Because I got better thing to do ‘you know’! oops…

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Welcoming Spring 2010

It’s official and the cold and chill winter season is now a history as we are in the 1st day of spring.  With that means short skirt, capri pants, swim suits, tiny top, sun glasses, sandal, peep toes shoes and wedge shoes are in style.  Man I can’t wait for that.

The beautiful colors of the flowers such as as  birds of paradies, cherry blossom, freesia, tulip and zinnia  (just to name a few)  are also playing their role to bloom the beautiful colors of the flowers just in time for the season.  Though be careful of the pollen and be sure to take allergy meds and apply the sun protection lotion as well.  Here’s the pictures of our garden. 

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A few points shy from highest score!

Since I walked out from the testing room and the question ‘WHY’ keeps se-rounded my mind.  Because I did it again the same darn mistake 😦 with that lead me to just one question shy from getting the perfect 100 score grrhh!

Thought I double check my answer, read and think carefully but why I changed my answer from correct to wrong ones?

Not sure if this just happened others or just me?

Great Italian food – Cafe Torre

So we both were craving for Italian to night!  Don’t feel like drive too far especially dealing with the evening traffic rush. Thus we end up dine in at Cafe Torre.  OMG! This is the place for good food and just perfect to whine down the long week that we both had.  The smoked chicken linguine is our all time favorite and we never fail to order this.  The crispy and crunchy calamari is to die for.

Though don’t let the strip mall fool you!  It has a surprise as soon as you walk in despite the old fashion decoration and yet cozy environment.  That is the place to dine in especially with good food and company.  They have a good selection of wine as well.  The service was good and the owner Vince always there to ensure his customer well treated.  The dessert was a delicious ending to the wonderful evening.  Thought it was a little pricey but hey you get what you pay for!

You have to try this

Disturb family ordeal

This entry really got me because I am not sure how to start.  It drives me to the edge and got chill when I read the email from my sister Evelyn.  Thanks to her for letting me know all the info though

Mom spent about 2 weeks with my sister for Chinese New Year celebration.  However, she sent her back home and my so call ‘brother’ changed the lock of the door without notify neither mom nor my sister!

Then my sister advised him to observed Mom eyes visions as she has been complaining don’t see well.  Guess what his responses :-

  1. Who cares!
  2. She is a very bad and nasty old lady!
  3. Asked her to be well behaved!
  4. I will not have a mother like this!

Seriously, I am not sure why he hated mom so much where got all the properties such business and house from her!  But where is the respect?  Is it because of his evil trashy wife lead to him to be what he is now!  He is totally a different person since he got married.  And I want to wish him well and I believe in ‘Karma’.

I bet Mom must be sad and lonely with no voice to fight for herself.  As she really put a high hope on his son but hey he is a monster now!  I will talk to her if she wants to live with us.  But again she will need to deal with the weather and culture here.

For those who believe to turn over their business and properties to their ‘SON’ especially to Chinese Heritage and Culture.  And I can prove it is another failure concept.  Uhg very disturbing family ordeal!

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Irish celebration does relate with me!

How would Irish celebration related dearly with me?  Pause and think hmm still doesn’t make any sense!  I know but it really does related well to me.

Seven years ago, around 11.30am I received a text message from a new friend of my that we only exchange emails and SMS thus far.  He asked me if I have any plan otherwise he would like to meet me.  Wow!  I am excited but again I am not sure I am ready to meet though

Therefore I responses to him that I will need to focus on my exam  that will happen in April.  But after my responses and I felt uneasy feeling and can’t concentrate on the study as well.  Thus I SMS him that I would like to meet and we plan to meet at 1pm.

I am excited and nervous because this is our first date.  Getting ready and put on the best dress and waiting the time to hit 1pm.  As I am stand on my front door and saw a gentlemen with smile with his twinkle blue eyes walk towards  me.  In the moment, I decided I want to know him more no matter what our date turn out.

Show him around my apartment then we went to Ocean Beach for a walk and took some pictures too.  Follow by ate late lunch at ‘Rain Forest’ in down town SF.  Oh my!  he is so easy to connect, very modest and great personality.  As we on our way home and we notice city workers are preparing to close the street for the St. Patrick’s Day procession.  I did quietly said to myself St. Patrick’s Day indeed special to me.

Guess what! We went to Irish bar for the cold one and bites earlier.   Just to relax as both of us got the long week at work.  By looking at the decoration of the bar with three and four leaf clover tags hanging around really brought me back on my memory of out first date.  We’ve been married for 6+ years now and I know I’m blessed to have him in my life.  This is why Irish celebration does related with me.