Disturb family ordeal

This entry really got me because I am not sure how to start.  It drives me to the edge and got chill when I read the email from my sister Evelyn.  Thanks to her for letting me know all the info though

Mom spent about 2 weeks with my sister for Chinese New Year celebration.  However, she sent her back home and my so call ‘brother’ changed the lock of the door without notify neither mom nor my sister!

Then my sister advised him to observed Mom eyes visions as she has been complaining don’t see well.  Guess what his responses :-

  1. Who cares!
  2. She is a very bad and nasty old lady!
  3. Asked her to be well behaved!
  4. I will not have a mother like this!

Seriously, I am not sure why he hated mom so much where got all the properties such business and house from her!  But where is the respect?  Is it because of his evil trashy wife lead to him to be what he is now!  He is totally a different person since he got married.  And I want to wish him well and I believe in ‘Karma’.

I bet Mom must be sad and lonely with no voice to fight for herself.  As she really put a high hope on his son but hey he is a monster now!  I will talk to her if she wants to live with us.  But again she will need to deal with the weather and culture here.

For those who believe to turn over their business and properties to their ‘SON’ especially to Chinese Heritage and Culture.  And I can prove it is another failure concept.  Uhg very disturbing family ordeal!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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