Great Italian food – Cafe Torre

So we both were craving for Italian to night!  Don’t feel like drive too far especially dealing with the evening traffic rush. Thus we end up dine in at Cafe Torre.  OMG! This is the place for good food and just perfect to whine down the long week that we both had.  The smoked chicken linguine is our all time favorite and we never fail to order this.  The crispy and crunchy calamari is to die for.

Though don’t let the strip mall fool you!  It has a surprise as soon as you walk in despite the old fashion decoration and yet cozy environment.  That is the place to dine in especially with good food and company.  They have a good selection of wine as well.  The service was good and the owner Vince always there to ensure his customer well treated.  The dessert was a delicious ending to the wonderful evening.  Thought it was a little pricey but hey you get what you pay for!

You have to try this

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