All stars tribute Brooks & Dunn last rodeo

What a great show that ACM present the Brooks and Dunn last rodeo.  I bet it must be wonderful to personally witness the last rodeo in MGM/Las Vegas.  Thank Goodness that CBS air the taping last night.   I truly enjoy the every second of the 2hours.

All Stars lineup to cranks out the hits to help the Academy honor beloved duo Brooks & Dunn.  The special performance by Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker, The King ‘George Strait, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Carrier Underwood and Keith Urban.

Both Kit Brooks and Ronnie Dunn received the Academy’s Milestone Award in recognition of their outstanding 20years career where honored for holding the record for the most wns of any artsy in the Academy’s history.

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The disadvantages of living in Golden State

The pleasant weather of California and the opportunity of the Silicon Valley just another element to drawn people to move here in Golden State.  In additional, there are many tourism spots that make the people who live here proud.  Also, lure many outsider wanting for a visit.  But it does have disadvantages especially with tax that we paid.

I do notice that people tense to mooch with us for the reason coming for a visit or visits.  There are many so call long lost friends, family members or relatives will start reaching out for the connection as they knew there are planing for visiting.

In the past, I got a very bad experience as my brother friend that I didn’t know him much contacted me as he is in town for his business trip.  Guess what he brought his six others friends that I did not know at all for the dinner as well.  Oh joy!  What frustrated was I end up paid the entire bill.  Gees, when I was visiting my home town and just happened that he also visiting my brother at home.  He not even said ‘hi’ to me.  That really ticks me off.   Though some of them will come up with a polite way to ask for recommendation of car rental, hotels and etc.  But hey I get it though

I am not anti social but we do have our own agenda for weekend especially long work week.  Just simply want to whine down low and just two of us rather.  So, this is my theory if you are traveling then expect  spending, respect the privacy to who are you going to meet and be independent.

Mother’s Day 2010

Is time to wake up!  Come on the breakfast is ready!  Please finish all the food on your plate!  These are a few common words that you may hear from the one and only mom.  The lady of the house who try their best to keep the house organized and taking care of everyone at home.  She not even whine  ‘I am so tired’ although she got a long day. She is a hero of the home.

Happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s out there.  Today is the day that we as a children to honor you for being mom and motherhood for us.  Yes!  I am thinking and missing my mama badly especially today.  I called her last night just to wish her ‘Happy Mother’s day’ as I am thousand miles away from her.  She is my best friend and greatest mama in the world.  Who always give her unconditional love to me.  Always stand by me regardless what went wrong.  I can go on and on if talk about her.

Though for those who believe in Chinese Heritage that ‘SON’ will take good care of mom later or favoritism of son rather.  Uhg please knock it off!  Because as daughter does capable to taking care of parents and there is no question about it.

Family or Money comes first?

May I asked family or money comes first?   I knew this a simple question and yet complicated and is hard for me to answer.  This is because I don’t have the ability to answer this anymore.  I used to have a lovely family where were poor and yet happy to go by day by day.  But trust me we got the blue sky everyday even our rooftop drip when it rains.   Unfortunately and shamefully, things changed a few years ago. All  I have now are the dark and gray.  Thankfully, I got my love who is always lean his shoulder and support me.

Since my loser brother married the trashy lady and he changed significantly.  The most matter to him is about $$$ and he even took away the donation from public  for Dad before his funeral.  As for another sibling she tried to rip me off by wanting me to partnership with her to purchase a house that I got to pay 40% and she will give me a room on that house!  Wow this must be an expensive room huh!  Also, the long lost cousins are now trying to connect with me.  Gees, I am not sure why it’s happening  now?   These kinds of storms really causing me lose the lights.

There is no doubt that I am in stable financial status especially I am making USD.  Buy hey I work hard  for the money.  In fact, I go for evening classes to upgrade myself  in order to go for next  level.   With these kinds of situation I can’t articulate whether family or money comes first!  I am not proud of these but it is the fact now for me.  What can I say?

I bet some others people are lucky enough to have these both important elements in their lives.

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New Strategy Found

Aw…!  I finally nailed 100% scored on  my test today.  Gees, I have been struggling to get 100% not sure why I always missed one point or question to get the perfect score.  But with my love advice and I went slow and read the question slowly to ensure I that I completely understand and agree with my answer.

With the strategy and I get the perfect score.   That really put a smile on my face after a long day at work and class .  I will definitely use this new strategy from now on.

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Drive slow in left lane!

Don’t understand why people tense to drive slow in left lane.  What’s wrong with  he/she to drive about 20miles per hour in left lane and no intention to turn left at all.  Not sure it is because of the individual lack of knowledge of driving or just being stupid.  Understood each country has their own traffic rules especially those countries that control by European countries before somewhat it influence of the rules. Like right lane is meant for fast lane and etc.

But hey this is America and fast lane is in our LEFT side!  If this people don’t understand how to drive in America and I don’t think they deserve to drive period rather then clog up the traffic flow.

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