Wrapping up the ugly June

Just one more day to be an officially wrapping up the ugly June and I just can’t wait that.  It has been tough month for me to deal with family ordeal especially I am thousand miles away.  Thanks to those relatives who willing to step up the plate for the right.  That’s matter to me and we will make it right from now on.

Let’s hope the pretty July will bring hope and happiness for all.

It is OK to says ‘NO’

That’s right! Regardless what matter that we are dealing with and an individual does have the right to says ‘No’.  The reason why I wrote this it was because I came across the conversation that an individual claimed that he was asked to get back from another country to take care of his parent.  With this causing him to missed an opportunity to earn the big bugs and lives like dying at this time.

Well, wasn’t that is the inner beauty if he willing to do so and WTF to regrets now. Hmm must be wise guy huh!  Anyway, this is my advice to you.  It is OK to says ‘NO’ because you does have a right to says NO.

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Today is the first day of summer and technically I should in very easy mood especially begin to enjoy the summer break.  Unfortunately, I didn’t this time as the disturbing occurrence  was brought to my attention.  It simply because of the trashy lady rules the house and the husband can’t stand up for his very own mom.  Wow!  This is absolutely unspeakable and unforgivable act. How would my SO CALL brother became like this?  Though I do have four words for their family which are ‘I PRAY FOR YOU’.

I haven’t been to church since I don’t remember when,
Things were going great til they fell apart again
So I listened to the preacher as he told me what to do
He said you can’t go hatin’ others who have done wrong to you
Sometimes we get angry but we must not condemn
Let the good Lord do his job, you just pray for them

I pray your brakes go out runnin’ down a hill
I pray a flower pot falls from a window sill
And knocks you in the head like I’d like to
I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls
I pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stalls
I pray all your dreams never come true
Just know wherever you are, honey, I pray for you

I’m really glad I found my way to church
Cause I’m already feelin’ better and I thank God for the words
Yeah, I’m gonna take the high road and do what the preacher told me to do
You keep messin’ up, and I’ll keep prayin’ for you

I pray your tire goes out at 110
I pray you pass out drunk with your best friend
And wake up with his and her tattoos

I pray your brakes go out runnin’ down a hill
I pray a flower pot falls from a window sill
And knocks you in the head like I’d like to
I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls
I pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stalls
I pray all your dreams never come true
Just know wherever you are, near or far
In your house or in your car
Wherever you are, honey, I pray for you
I pray for you

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On Father’s day 2010

It is Father’s day!   I wants to wish all the Dad around the world ‘Happy Father’s day’.  Bet you will get the surprise treats especially this weekend oops!  No matter what you deserved it especially in this special day.

This celebration event doesn’t exist on my calendar anymore as it’s slowly face out since he passed away.  He lost the evil cancer battle three years ago and all I got just a wonderful moment that I will cherish for now and forever.   Thanks to him for brought me into this world.

In this wonderful day and I am thinking of you my late Father and Father’s in-law.  May both of you RIP!

  • Anthony Tan Pak San
  • Beverly Randolph Scott

Summer Picnic 2010 @ Great America Amusement Park

Our annual Summer Picnic held @ Great America amusement park this year.  Although we spent just a good of 3hrs there rather than the rest of the day but we got a blast.  Get on a few thrill rides and explore the fun part of the park.  Though the fight deck and survivor the ride were real scare for me.  We were serve food and drink as well.  Unfortunately, unhappy worker everywhere.  An auntie who served us the food doesn’t seem to pay attention at all.  I told her that I just need small portion of the pasta but hey she gave me full size.  Oh well,

Anyway, I truly got a great time there and in fact that was my very first time in Great America after 10years here in USA.  Here’s some of the pictures that I took below:-


4th compliments received!

This s really special Monday for me.  I thought by able to hit my target on my work our session is an absolute reward for me.  Well, today it has more !  I got another complement from the GBS Team in Europe.  Glad to read that good words and knowing people really appreciate the work that I done for them.

My manager then share news to the team:-


Once again it is proven that even “the little things” make a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eliza, thank you for your hard work!!!


This is the 4th complement that I got since Feb.  It is an honor to get the recognition like this.  The best part is it has been  the 4th months continuously that I got  it.  Ah I am very proud of  myself.

Thank you to those who sent the messages.

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Shocking still

OMG! I am still in shock after read the surprise email from my BFF in my home town.  I was told that she quit her job and can reach her out on her personal email address.  She told me that she tired of work and plan to assist their family business instead.  Ideally, quitting is not a good choice especially in this economy situation.  Well, I will call it as  a very brave and bad decision.

There is no doubt she is a smart girl but unfortunately doesn’t seems bright. Really shame on Penang Free School to produce student like this obviously awkward.  How could she willing to gave up her opportunity with huge corporation rather family business where doesn’t seems grow!  In  fact, her uncles are also working on that pawn shop.  How much she can do and develop especially the area control by XX?   That job that she worked for 10+ years that she just quit. It was the one I recommended her too.  Come on is about time to move on for better.

Not to be offense and I truly think this Chinese Heritage thinking got to go big time.  She does has a brother and what if she even up just assist and end up with nothing. Change is good if she found a better job but I just don’t see it though.  I don’t forgot where I came from but I really think it is good to take some challenges and go for outsider comfort zone rather.  Of course, it’s her choice on what she wants but on my point of view it just not worth it at all.

I am still in shocking on her decision that she made.

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I voted

Yes and I can proudly says that I voted.  This is my very 1st vote since I became citizen of America!  It’s just wonderful YES.

I voted.

4th years already!

4 years ago today on 7th of June! I arrived at campus one hour early simply because of too excited to join this huge corporation.  Seating there at the lobby by watching the wax moving up and down it just a treasure with uneasy feeling as first day reporting to work.   Ah I should have take a mini vacation prior start a new job?

Well, during the orientation and I was told and shown an interesting advantageous such as gym, cafe, pool, washing machine room, soda for moving around the campus and etc.  Ah I started to love it and I thought Cisco is great but hey this is better.

FOC gourmet meals breakfast, lunch and dinner in many choices of cuisine.  In depend on what you want.  Gym, wine testing, super stars performance live in campus and so much more exciting event.  In fact, til date I earn lots of credit by simply do some survey study and etc.  Gees, the foods and snacks around here is hard to stay fit!

Though I knew its required long work hours to accomplish my projects and responsibilities to achieve it.  Trust me it wasn’t easy.  In additional with the night classes it makes me harder though.  I felt specially good as got the greeting my management.

Scorching weather + careless = Disaster

We got the scorching high weather this weekend.  Although the summer is not official here yet but we knew it’s around the corner.  Gees, the weather hit 90+ degrees yesterday and looks like it will be the same for today.  All I needed is to apply the sun screen then stay into the pool until the sun go down.

Though all the parents will need to pay more attention to their kids.  To ensure watch their kids where ever they go whether in the pool or room.  In the past, there are many incident happened such as kids found death of drowning,  in the car or fall off from the window. Understood, these aren’t the intention of parents but if they may pay more attention the disaster will not happened.

So, keep in mind ‘Scorching weather + Careless = Disaster’

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