4th years already!

4 years ago today on 7th of June! I arrived at campus one hour early simply because of too excited to join this huge corporation.  Seating there at the lobby by watching the wax moving up and down it just a treasure with uneasy feeling as first day reporting to work.   Ah I should have take a mini vacation prior start a new job?

Well, during the orientation and I was told and shown an interesting advantageous such as gym, cafe, pool, washing machine room, soda for moving around the campus and etc.  Ah I started to love it and I thought Cisco is great but hey this is better.

FOC gourmet meals breakfast, lunch and dinner in many choices of cuisine.  In depend on what you want.  Gym, wine testing, super stars performance live in campus and so much more exciting event.  In fact, til date I earn lots of credit by simply do some survey study and etc.  Gees, the foods and snacks around here is hard to stay fit!

Though I knew its required long work hours to accomplish my projects and responsibilities to achieve it.  Trust me it wasn’t easy.  In additional with the night classes it makes me harder though.  I felt specially good as got the greeting my management.

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