Shocking still

OMG! I am still in shock after read the surprise email from my BFF in my home town.  I was told that she quit her job and can reach her out on her personal email address.  She told me that she tired of work and plan to assist their family business instead.  Ideally, quitting is not a good choice especially in this economy situation.  Well, I will call it as  a very brave and bad decision.

There is no doubt she is a smart girl but unfortunately doesn’t seems bright. Really shame on Penang Free School to produce student like this obviously awkward.  How could she willing to gave up her opportunity with huge corporation rather family business where doesn’t seems grow!  In  fact, her uncles are also working on that pawn shop.  How much she can do and develop especially the area control by XX?   That job that she worked for 10+ years that she just quit. It was the one I recommended her too.  Come on is about time to move on for better.

Not to be offense and I truly think this Chinese Heritage thinking got to go big time.  She does has a brother and what if she even up just assist and end up with nothing. Change is good if she found a better job but I just don’t see it though.  I don’t forgot where I came from but I really think it is good to take some challenges and go for outsider comfort zone rather.  Of course, it’s her choice on what she wants but on my point of view it just not worth it at all.

I am still in shocking on her decision that she made.

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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