Mindset of Toyota Corolla drivers

There is nothing wrong with own the Toyota Corolla Cars.  In fact, it has many cool features from great engine performance to blue-tooth to enabled mobile phones and etc.  But for some reason the driver of this type of car tenses to have similar mindset such as drive slow on the left lane and have the 100+ feet gap in between.

Seriously, if these drivers feel like cruising around and have their joy ride then I would suggest them to drive during when traffic die rather than causing traffic jam.

Come one people where is your sense of human!

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What is love?  This seems like an easy question and yet so complex and difficult question of the mankind.  Why is that?  There is no doubt love can occur between two or more individual.  It bonds them connects them in a unified link of trust, intimacy and interdependence.  It enhances the relationship and comforts the soul.  Just like old phrase ‘Without somebody nothing ain’t worth a dime’.

But keep in mind there also a down side of it.  It can walk through fire without blinking or even causing pick a fight somebody twice your size.

Somehow each individual got their an unique place for ‘love’ in their heart which the the inner beauty of human!

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Mammography is a must for a woman

It’s crucial for all women to have the mammography exam.  This screening tool is to detect early breast cancer in women who experiencing no symptoms to detect and diagnose breast disease in women experiencing symptoms such as a lump, pain or nipple discharge.

I did mine this afternoon.  There is no doubt it wasn’t comfortable during the processed.  As the pressure apply on my breast as it was squeezed by the compression paddle.  I did screamed ‘Ouch!’ twice!  But hey I would rather suffer this small pain rather than be sorry.

For more understanding about mammography please visit:


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Waffles with blueberries compote yum!

Who can resists this delicious waffles with blueberries compote?  This huge waffles definitely fill me up for the rest of the day!

The waffles is great by itself, but with the tartness of the blueberries compote it takes on a different flavor and texture.  All I can says is hmm.. good.

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Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth to My Fellow American!  It is the typical occasion for everyone here in USA to enjoy the leisure time for cold beer and back yard BBQ, fireworks or even get away vacation due to long holidays weekend.

Regardless what plan you are on please don’t drink and drive.

Viva LAS!

A little less makes it easier

Don’t you think this phrase ‘A little less makes it easier’ well related to everyone in this world!  Some of them go for their goal and willing to disrespect an elder folk at home and some of them simply asked for a better position.  Well, there is nothing wrong to have a goal but hey an individual got to be do it in the right way rather then ruining others.

Why don’t just consider a little less and makes it easier to all?  Lastly, get a life…gosh

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The big ’40’ to me

Woke up in the morning and notice the sun is shining and I seems got the peaceful mind today.  Probably because of the special kisses that I got last night when the clock hit 12mid night.  Hmm I would said that was part of it and today is 1st Jul which is my day.  A big cheers for getting big 40 to me.

The cool Vertu collection seems wonderful.  Thank You love for always gave me the best of all.  You are always on my mind.  Just love the dance, like no one else had ever danced before,  I can’t explain what happened on that floor but the music played, we  held each other close and we danced yeah we danced.

Looking back I did made the right decision to move to America to enhance my dream there is no doubt about it.