2 people with 3 or more ways

Thursday 3pm is just the time that I am NOT looking for.  Not sure how many people like the One on One section.  No, I don’t in particularly because most of time we can’t seems to agree with the issues that we discussed.  Understood, it’s agree and disagree but it’s just pain to deal with 2 people with 3 or more ways.

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It’s me time!

Well, this is just another ‘me time’ sitting alone here at home.  I don’t particular enjoy it as it’s very boring after a long week at work.  All I need is my quality time.  But this is the nature of  his work to travel for business thus I will need to compromise that.   Though I can use this time to do my things such as have my own shoes show, pedicure and etc.

Just dislike dinner alone experience but will eat while watching TV with sipping wine I guess!

Swine Flu

Once again we are now in Autumn Season also mean flu season in here.  It was a year ago, I was battling swine flu and Thank God I got the quick recovery. It began with cough, running nose and it hit me on 09/25 in the morning with bad headache.  I can’t even sit up right.  Thus I left work early and straight to Doctor.  Though something weird was most of the cars that in front of me simply pull to the left or right.  No sure the highest up there instructed them to do so. So that I will reach hospital quicker.

My oh mine!  After the doctor examine and confirmed that it was swine flu.  I got so scare and keep asking love if I will die.  He said NO as long as I follow doctor advised to take the meds I will be recover in a few days and I did.  Thank God!  Love took flu shot so that he is protected.  I will never fell that sick before and I will never forget 09/25.

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Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine restaurant – Found

After review the Yelp page and notice there is a recommended restaurant that worth to try.  Thus I stop by the restaurant straight after work to avoid parking hassle.

Got there around 5.05pm, and notice there are customers seated for their dinner.  The restaurant looks clean and neat.  The decor really brought me back to Hong Kong.  So, I play conservative and ordered most of the recommended dish such as Peking Duck, Xiao Long Bao(dumplings), string beans and creamy puff for dessert.   The owner/Standley is very friendly and explained to me that they only make 20 Peking Ducks for a section in order to control the quality of the food.  He also offer drink for me and allowed me to snap pictures inside the restaurant.

As soon as I got home and notice my love is packing for his business trip.  But whoops he is in the kitchen now tasting the XLB!  There is nothing wrong but the point is the aroma of the yummy food lure him out from packing.  We both enjoy the food very much.  We will definitely go back and try other menu.


For those who crave for HKG Cuisine and I would highly recommended this restaurant.  Check on their website www.mycookingpapa.com Remember CASH only and No Reservation Accepted.  Guess this is a typical Chinese business strategy.

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Dim Sum

Some of the restaurant that serve dim sum all day or especially more variety during weekend in America.  However, in Hong Kong there are more meaning of dim sum especially for an old folks.  The main purpose for dim sum also means tea testing ‘Yam Cha’ and that is magic of gathering happens.  Most of the Cantonese got this kind of practice.

Dim Sum came with a very small plate serve with three pieces of dim sum made from pork + shrimp, chicken + etc.  There are a long list of dim sum dish but there are two main dish. There are Siu Mai and Har Cau.  If it makes it right you will taste the tenderness of the filing and QQ too especially you go with soy sauce and chili mix.  Though I would suggest you to dine in instead.

I really miss that yummy dim sum that I ate  in Hong Kong.  There are couples of good dim sums places in California but  I wish Sunset District & Koi Palace are closer to us.

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7th Wedding Anniversary!

It’s amazing how the time flies away and yes we are now marked in 7th wedding anniversary.  I can’t Thank the most higher up there to bless me with this man.  Who always stand by me and always there for me.

Will take half day off for our small celebration tonight and I can’t wait for that.

Nose Picking

Are you a nose picker?  Remember the little finger when picking the nose and dive in deeper and deeper!  Ah that’s feel good.  Yes, I must admit that I did that too but not in public nor in front of anyone.

But this is the most common bad habit that people tense to do without realize where ever they are.    One thing that I can guarantee that is not a pleasant act for sure.

Guess what as I on my way home from the cleaner.  I was behind a car who drove extremely slow in left lane about 25-30 miles per hour.  My advised to that driver ‘If you can’t handle driving and picking nose’ then stay out of the road for the sack of safety of people duh!

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Long holiday weekend approaching

I know it’s 5 O’clock somewhere but I just can’t wait the clock hit 4pm here on my local time.  It has been a long week for both of us.  Almost reach home 7-8pm lately and it about time for us to enjoy the ‘QT’ together with the cold one.

Remember I like it cold and tall!

Not a fair game but suck up!

Our company tenses to have the decor contest to the fellow employees who move to another campus for fun  to decor the new spot.  Company even contributes money for the decorating which is a plus.

Honestly, I put a lot of effort on this contest and tried to be creative and unique.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win.   Not to be sour grape and I do notice some issues on this game.

  • Judges didn’t come by and judge my spot – until I told them too.
  • Judges didn’t check the registration list – not sure the who is the participants
  • Judges didn’t follow the contest rules – the rules clearly stated the participants and register as individual or a group no more then 4 persons.  But the team have 10 person as one group where won the contest!

OMG!  how could that be.  How could the winners coincidentally reports to four different directors in our campus!   Come on! that smells ‘POLITIC’ to me.  I am pissed.  Again, this is not a fair game but suck up rather.