Not a fair game but suck up!

Our company tenses to have the decor contest to the fellow employees who move to another campus for fun  to decor the new spot.  Company even contributes money for the decorating which is a plus.

Honestly, I put a lot of effort on this contest and tried to be creative and unique.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win.   Not to be sour grape and I do notice some issues on this game.

  • Judges didn’t come by and judge my spot – until I told them too.
  • Judges didn’t check the registration list – not sure the who is the participants
  • Judges didn’t follow the contest rules – the rules clearly stated the participants and register as individual or a group no more then 4 persons.  But the team have 10 person as one group where won the contest!

OMG!  how could that be.  How could the winners coincidentally reports to four different directors in our campus!   Come on! that smells ‘POLITIC’ to me.  I am pissed.  Again, this is not a fair game but suck up rather.

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