Dim Sum

Some of the restaurant that serve dim sum all day or especially more variety during weekend in America.  However, in Hong Kong there are more meaning of dim sum especially for an old folks.  The main purpose for dim sum also means tea testing ‘Yam Cha’ and that is magic of gathering happens.  Most of the Cantonese got this kind of practice.

Dim Sum came with a very small plate serve with three pieces of dim sum made from pork + shrimp, chicken + etc.  There are a long list of dim sum dish but there are two main dish. There are Siu Mai and Har Cau.  If it makes it right you will taste the tenderness of the filing and QQ too especially you go with soy sauce and chili mix.  Though I would suggest you to dine in instead.

I really miss that yummy dim sum that I ate  in Hong Kong.  There are couples of good dim sums places in California but  I wish Sunset District & Koi Palace are closer to us.

By elizascott Posted in Food

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