Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine restaurant – Found

After review the Yelp page and notice there is a recommended restaurant that worth to try.  Thus I stop by the restaurant straight after work to avoid parking hassle.

Got there around 5.05pm, and notice there are customers seated for their dinner.  The restaurant looks clean and neat.  The decor really brought me back to Hong Kong.  So, I play conservative and ordered most of the recommended dish such as Peking Duck, Xiao Long Bao(dumplings), string beans and creamy puff for dessert.   The owner/Standley is very friendly and explained to me that they only make 20 Peking Ducks for a section in order to control the quality of the food.  He also offer drink for me and allowed me to snap pictures inside the restaurant.

As soon as I got home and notice my love is packing for his business trip.  But whoops he is in the kitchen now tasting the XLB!  There is nothing wrong but the point is the aroma of the yummy food lure him out from packing.  We both enjoy the food very much.  We will definitely go back and try other menu.

For those who crave for HKG Cuisine and I would highly recommended this restaurant.  Check on their website Remember CASH only and No Reservation Accepted.  Guess this is a typical Chinese business strategy.

By elizascott Posted in Food

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