Swine Flu

Once again we are now in Autumn Season also mean flu season in here.  It was a year ago, I was battling swine flu and Thank God I got the quick recovery. It began with cough, running nose and it hit me on 09/25 in the morning with bad headache.  I can’t even sit up right.  Thus I left work early and straight to Doctor.  Though something weird was most of the cars that in front of me simply pull to the left or right.  No sure the highest up there instructed them to do so. So that I will reach hospital quicker.

My oh mine!  After the doctor examine and confirmed that it was swine flu.  I got so scare and keep asking love if I will die.  He said NO as long as I follow doctor advised to take the meds I will be recover in a few days and I did.  Thank God!  Love took flu shot so that he is protected.  I will never fell that sick before and I will never forget 09/25.

By elizascott Posted in Health

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