The 1st Anniversary as citizen of America

It was last year today at 11am.  I was in Heritage Hall attending the Oath ceremony to be a citizen of America.  Still remember that gorgeous morning and I woke up with very good mood.  Well after the years of work and it finally pay off and I can now proudly says that ‘Hello my fellow American’! It’s makes me feel so wonderful that can’t describe in words.

Of course, the most important person behind the scene for the success is the one and the only My Lovely Pinky.  With his lights guided me through the bumping road and always bring smile on my face.  He is my world.  Thank you for everything.  I love you!


Keith Urban visited Google MTV

The Grammy Awards winning country music singer Keith Urban visited Google MTV this morning to promote his new album ‘Get Closer’.  I am so grateful that managed to blocked my calendar and watch his performance.  His unique voice and music drifting me into country music since 2007 when I accidentally turn on country radio station.  I was hook since then…

Here’s some of his hits:-

  • But for the Grace of God
  • Somebody Like You
  • Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me
  • You’ll Think of Me
  • Days Go By
  • Making Memories of Us
  • Better Life
  • You Look Good in My Shirt
  • Start a Band
  • Sweet Thing

Here’s the pictures that I took|

Discussion 2 versus 1

After the incident last week and I was called in to meet with another manager.  Of course, I was to blame on the reaction nor willing to accept my explanation.  Let’s see 2 managers versus a non native speaker and who will win!

I am so proud of myself to handle it well and explained my point of view.  Though it still hurting on what they said to me.

Bet this management fill up with moron and bully with no sense of humor.


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Dealing with incompetent twit +1

It has been extremely rough for me since the stupid meeting.  This is simply because of the dealing with incompetent twit.  Five of us were in the conference room for our weekly sync.  Then I was critiqued by fellow leader that the spreadsheet that I created quoted ‘SUCK’.

In my thinking ‘Woah really it’s really that bad’!  Anyway, the reason I created the spreadsheet in the rush simply because to rescue them as other team got pissed as they didn’t get the updates.  Well, not sure why my fellow team didn’t provide the updates.  When this loser leader find any way to protect them.  Well, people tense to forgot the help that I contributed to safe their ass being kicked.  In return I am the one who assisted and been blamed. This is absolutely absurd.

I am tired and exhausted with this kind of scenario.  Let’s hope I can find another job quicker.  Because I can’t deal with these incompetent and insecure team anymore.

Just wonder does this leader has the simply sense of humor?  Otherwise how could he humiliate his fellow co-worker like this!

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NO Sister in-law in my life please…

Seriously, I do not want to have ‘Sister in-law’ word related to me in anyways at all.  Though I am not the person who hard to deal with.  But the patience of my to deal with them is now over the limit.

How could she:-

a.  Ruling the house and treated mom like tenant with no respect.

b.  A PHD holder and don’t even understand the word ‘Disturbing’.  She just called 4 times in 2hrs with nothing important.

My advise on  A – Hope one day she will redeem herself and knock it off the bad behavior and learn how to respect the an old person.  Also, keep in mind by continuing with the black magic games will not help.

My advise on B –  Perhaps grows up and get a live after all you are in your 50.  Understood, there are twin bond between both of you but please understand our privacy.  We don’t need your daily calls nor need to know what you do nor need to know your neighbor went out for a movie.

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Kudos to her remarkable step!

Yes!  The brighter day is coming.  I am so proud of MOM to able and willing to exit that evil house smoothly.  A big kudos to her.  It’s wasn’t easy to step out from that house where it belongs to her.  Think about that old good time where we are indeed very happy family in that small little house.  But think change simply because the trashy lady rules the house.  It is unfortunate, her son got NO balls to stand for her.  Thank God, she got daughters to stand up for her.

Well, we may now ERASE OFF those bad time and let’s our new day begin.  Because she is now free and enjoying her time traveling around where she got the warm welcoming invites with and well respect.

Let’s move on…

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The Magic of Oct 10th 2010

For dancing we are aiming for the perfect 10 score.  As for today, our calendar mark October 10th 2010!  where we have 10: 10:10 !   Whoops I bet people who superficial will just treat today in very special manner especially the time clock hit 10:10hrs.  It just happened this day fall on weekend and it make the retailer very happy especially in Vegas.

Though for me it just another weekend that I long for to spend QT together.

p/s: Let me see how people celebrate  on 11/11/2011, 12/12/2012!


Scamps in these days

Most of us feel short with the economy collapse.  With that means there are many evil and yet smart people that jobless who are trying to crack their head to create scamps to get easy $ in many way as they could.  Guess the subscribe on behalf of other will be one of the scamps.

I feel awkward as I’ve been received the US Weekly magazine without the knowledge of subscribe.  Thus I go online and check on US Weekly website if I can find more info.  Well, it appeared I have an account there with my complete info and it appeared that I order for $250 of those magazine.

Uhg that’s doesn’t looks good. Thus I called US Weekly Customer Service and I was told the 3rd party subscribe for me where I can’t even canceled it.    But they did gave me the 3rd party company name which is Priority One Clearing.  Spoke to POC customer service and I was told they are just a fulfillment company and they got the order from Family Reader Service.  It’s drive me to the edge and I reach out the customer service.  Unfortunately, they can’t answer my question but they just said it was a free magazine for you.  Well, I told them stop sending the magazine to me.  I will definitely follow up in one week time to ensure that the account cancel off.

It’s just too good to be true to get something free like this!

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Dad 3rd Memorial Day!

Today is Dad 3rd Memorial Day!  Unfortunately, lots of thing in family chain became bad to worst where I am not proud of.  Looking back, he is the person who wasn’t contributes much for family besides gambling and waiting for payday.  But he is the one who reminded us there is a ‘HOME’ to go back for visiting and gathering.

Ever since he is gone, in fact before his funeral sadly his legacy ended.  Mom too weak to be a leader of the home and yet the trashy lady AKA my loser brother wife rules the house.   Thank God there is still a strong relation between my sister and me where we will be the voice of mom.

Well, RIP Pa and I am so proud of you to bring me into this world.