Thanksgiving 2010

I am so grateful and thankful that the people that I care and love are now safe and sound.  Also, being blessed and loved by the most higher.  Though I notice most of the stores are open for business on Thanksgiving day and some of them even open until 6pm.  (I can imagine the those stores will be open on Thanksgiving for year to come)

Since we are consider small family thus no reason to get the whole turkey.  As we don’t eat much leftover.  Thus we stop by Whole Food to pickup the prep crab cakes and love made meat balls (lamb and pork). We also picked up peking duck and XLB.  I know it a weird Thanksgiving feast as it doesn’t look like Thanksgiving meal as it without turkey nor pumpkin pie.  But it consider west meet east meal made a new twist.  Who care as long as we both like it and have quality time together that’s matter.

May Lord help the needy and shows the light to those who are still in the dark.

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