Bed rest on New Year eve

Most of the people have their plan for New Year Eve either partying or traveling.  Well, I was excited to make ‘Beef  Wellington’ for my love for New Year eve  thus I went to grocery shopping a day before.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel well after I got home and constantly throwing up.

Doctor Scott advised me to stay in bed.  But hey it has been more 24hrs and I am still in bed.  Can’t even move an inch because each time I move it will makes me throw up.  My stomach growling but I can’t drink nor eat because it will causing me throw up even more. Oh my! It has been hard.

But Dr. Scott keep encourage me to drink more liquid to avoid dehydration.  Let’s hope the nightmare will go over quickly.  This is the worst New Year eve that I have had ever.

Today is the last work day of the year

Guess what, today is the last work day of the year.  Technically, we should kick back and relaxing day but it doesn’t seems like it though

I would says year 2010 indeed a good year for me as I managed to accomplished many projects with flying color.  But I am hoping or another good year to come.


Christmas 2010

Well, It’s Christmas Eve and we both got some QT together as we were off since 12/23.  Sipping wine on the fire place while listening to the music ah that’s wonderful.  But I can’t stay until 12 midnight thus I started gave the gifts to love then we started exchanged gifts.  Oh my, he got me 4g  IPod touch, flat screen for my home office just to name a few.  But I only got him small gifts this time though picked up the laptop bag from Samsonite, a bottle of YSL perfume and also a greeting card.  It is just hard to pick something for him because he seems like got anything.

Made chicken breast stuffed with broccoli with cheese.  Although it was a little salty but my hubby loving every bite aww…

The 1st day of the winter

There is no doubt that most part of the states will be experience white Christmas this year.  In fact, just the 1st of winter and some part of state reported facing blizzard.  Let’s hope New York will not be the state encounter this. This is because there will be an event for New Year Eve to welcoming 2011 at the time square.

Let’s see how it goes.  It has been cold and wet weather here in California.

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Holiday decorating displays

We are grateful that the economy is now getting better.  People are willing to spend more for the Season Holiday.  That’s will help on the recovery turn around even quicker.

After dinner we drove around our neighborhood to look at the beautiful holidays decorating displays.  There are thousand of the LED lights so pretty and some of them even coordinated with music redom. That’s so cool.

It just a great way to wrap up the long work week though

Pressure in directly make people making the wrong choice!

I could not agree more that pressure in directly make people making  the wrong choice.  There are so many things that we can witness in our daily lives.  Some of the things that we practice that we don’t even realize.

Look at the shopper in the mall.  They dive into the shop and pickup things that they not really need.  Although, it wasn’t wallet friendly.

At the buffet restaurant.  People just stack their food up but how often he/she can finish.  Knowing that he/she allow to go as many round as they can!

No doubt, we were trained to respect an elder as we as uniform folks especially for their service.  But how often do we think if an official gave us the wrong/incorrect command !  Must we just follow simply because he/she in uniform?

The “Pressure” really will  screwed up people if  he/she is not strong enough.  Though I truly like the book from Dr. Philip Zimbardo who is from Stanford University.  He is the author of  ‘The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.’

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Real Christmas tree all the way…

The bright star on the top of the tree, cute ornaments and pretty lighting!  Ah that put a smile to everyone face.  Christmas trees are appearing in home throughout the country and families to prepare for the holiday seasons.  But there is a great debate for people for whether to get real or artificial Christmas trees.

Well, our family will go for the real tree all the way.  The fun of picking up the tree in farm and the smell of fresh pine just put a smile to me. Regardless of the allergy more expensive and work.

Understood, it’s ‘greener’ choice to use an artificial tree and it also wallet friendly.  But hey we still prefer real tree.

Perfect dinner

Nothing can go wrong with added bacon and butter on the cooking.  Especially someone special make it for you.  Well, I am lucky to have my love cooked dinner for me last night.

He made bacon wrapped pork chop, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.  With the finish touch of sipping wine next to the fire place ah that’s really cool.

That’s call perfect dinner.

The month of December

The month of December may sum up with these cool action:- aiming, baking, cooking, decorating, eating, fitting, giving, helping, juggling, lighting, partying, shipping, wrapping and etc.

As soon as the Thanksgiving feast ended and tada The Season Holidays officially kick off.  Everyone seems to have their own agenda and To Do list to accomplish.  Though I must admit I truly love this time of year.  Although there will be more spending but it all good.  After all it is the action items of the month of December.