How to deal with family drama?

Families, everyone got one whether you like it or not.  Sometime people are not so thrilled about family because of drama.  Do you know how much drama is going on behind the scenes in a family around you?  There are many causes.  Envy, jealousy, mis-communication, generation differences and etc.  What every cause though,  my two recommended solutions are Love and Peace.  Keep this in mind and it will makes everyone life easier in helping with family drama.

First, I will discuss on using love as a strategy to deal with family drama.  This is well fix because of Love will allow us to cooling off time during the drama.  Let’s think why people tense to creating family drama.  Well, Ego leads us to self center behavior.  Individual often stuck to themselves only rather thinking of bigger picture.  If we use love by walking them through the darkness and I bet it will eliminated family drama.

Lastly, I will tell you on using Peace as a strategy.   This is best suited to family drama because it will ease our mind.  As we know stress in one of part of person life to interaction of family. The pressure of the work or lack of job makes the person constantly in the bad mood and uneasy.  I’d recommend use peace on this.  Try to see where the other person come from.  This will help to keep perspective on things and reduce the amount of family drama that might otherwise happen in your life.

Understood, it is hard to predict where or when it will happen but if we keep these tips in mind.  It may help on dealing with it.  Life it just too short to with family drama.  Cheer!

By elizascott Posted in Tips

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