Snowing in California!

Can you believe that California is snowing?  Oh my, Where is the sunny and pleasant weather of California!  I knew it has been soaking wet for weeks now in North California.

The record low temperatures combined with light rain to bring a dusting of snow around Bay Area this morning. In fact, there are small flakes fell in Sunset District where I used to live.  The last time is snowed in the city was in 1976 and today people wanted more.  Though please the plants and pipe covered.  Also, keep their pets in warm place. Though I am here fighting with allergy 😦

That’s lead me to think of the song coldest weather from ZBB aww…

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Sadly she raised a monster!

As children we are taught to respect all adults, parents and others.  We often feel that the adults in our lives are not being fair with us or being too harsh and keeps whining where in all actuality they are only trying to protect us and raise awareness.   Well, people often notice that.

If you are the ONLY son in the family where  there are practicing Chinese heritage ah that boy will be spoiled brat.  But the question is who is he when he grows up?

I feel sick in my stomach when I think about it.  How could a bright young man, brother changed significantly to be so evil  ‘$’ and dis-respect to his own mom since he married.  I am just wondering of the trashy wife leads him to that path but again if he got sense of humor and gut he should stand up tall rather that listen to that trashy lady!   In fact, this trashy lady gave hint to mom to move out.  Unfortunately, the so call son got no reaction what so ever. Thank God Mom got daughters to lean on.

It has been months that Mom didn’t return home but he and his family didn’t look for her nor a phone call to check where is she.  Tell me if she raised a monster?

As a parent of him and let’s hope he will not raise a monster like himself!   Wish him well.

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Valentine’s day 2011

February 14th, is a day call as lover day or sex day.  It is traditionally this day which lover will express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending greeting cards to the love ones.

That’s right we did have a plan on this special.  Though I wasn’t sure what is it but all I know is need to ready by 6pm.  Thus I left work @ 4pm then get ready by that time.  Ah he came home with roses that makes me very happy.  Then after relax for a while we went out for dinner at Alexander Steakhouse as usual this restaurant hasn’t disappointed  us at all. With the good environment and great food.  Both of us enjoy it very much although we got a long Monday.

After the meal the waiter send us the complimentary cotton candy and it makes just quickly leave the restaurant and heading home and…

It was a awesome Valentine and I just love every second of it.  Thank you love.

Project your baby by 11.11.11

Do you know today is the day to work harder to project your baby to deliver by 11.11.11!  I know is silly but hey today is just the day exact the 9months once an individual conceive.

Yes, we are working harder in order to get the special date as well lol! Will see what happen aw…

Weather + Pollen => Allergy

Not sure what is going on with the weather or probably climate change.  Some part of the world are experiencing flood and snow storm.  But hey we got sunny and present weather.  No complaint about that because we did got a cold and wet weather last week.

Well, my car is now covered with the nasty pollen and causing me sneezing and puffy eyes.  Yes, indeed the allergy season came early this year yike!

Thank God the Aller-Tec was able to me.  It is a huge relief in that expect.

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Asian welcoming the year of Rabbit

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to the fellow Asian around world who celebrate this festival.  They are welcoming the year of Rabbit.   Today, is the 1st day of the year and the celebrating goes on for 15days.   Family gathering and red envelopes giving away will be happen during these days.

Though I don’t celebrate this occasion long time ago since I migrated here in America.  In fact, I am working in this day.  However, the culinary and Asian team did organize an event for today.  Lion dance, invited a famous chefs to perform hands make noodle in campus.

Here’s some of the pictures that I took:

Impressive young boy saves his dad life

He is just a 3 years old and managed  to handle a scary moment very nicely.  In the result his save his dad life.  AJ saw the blood gushing and he was able to knew what to do.

Then he called 911 for help quoted ‘Daddy needs help, he’s been hurt, you have to come, he really needs help’.   His  father impaled himself with a wood chisel.