Memorial Day 2011

My deepest appreciation goes out to all the brave men and women, past and present, who fight for our freedom.  Today, is the special day to tribute to all of you and Thank you for your service.

I am proud of my family as well because two generation of my family were served in military.  My father in-law (Army), brother in-law (Air Force), sister in-law (Navy).  Well, RIP Dad ‘Beverly Randolph Scott’ although we never meet before and knew you through family pictures but I am very proud of you and also to raise such good son to be my hubby. And I Thank you!

May God Bless

Finding conversation + Brainless questions = Stupidity!

Not sure if you have experience this annoying situation but it really ticked me off.  Understood, it’s American way to be social and friendly to meet and greet.  But hey if I do not know you well and my greeting to you is just ‘Hi and Bye’.

Though I notice people tend to be nice and friendly but some of them are in the in the wrong way.  Asking very personally questions to others like ‘What’s your plan for the long weekend and what did you ate for dinner?’  Well, l don’t need to report to you what we did last night because its none of your concern. I think it is stupid to ask question like this.

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Judgment day and I quoted Camping claimed

As silly as it can be most of the people believe that 05/21 is the ‘judgment day’ between 6.30pm through 8pm AKA end of the world.  Many billboards were up from New York city, Miami to California where the broadcaster base.  Simply because of his obnoxious prediction from a Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping who predict that the rapture world take place on this evening.Well, it’s 05/22 now we are still alive and kicking.

My fellow American and I guess we got better things to do rather then predict those nonsense so call end of the world.  Understood, this is our temporary home but if it our time to go then we will take it.  No reason to predict or what so ever.

To Camping followers and I would advise you to wake up because you are better then that.

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The gift from Paco

I am speechless when I watch the World News announced Paco Rodriquez as the person of the week.  The fallen boxer has been brain dead for 2 days and his family agreed and remarkable decision to donate his organs to others.

The four women who do not know each is now share a same donor.  They meet the Paco family in the first time to says ‘Thank you’.

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Common Mistakes Candidates Made in Job Interviews

With pressure and stress may be causing some job seekers to make mistakes during their interviews that could cost them the job. A new nationwide CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,400 hiring managers conducted November 15 to December 2, 2010, reveals the outrageous and common mistakes that some candidates have made in job interviews.

When asked what the most outrageous blunders they had encountered interviewing candidates were, hiring managers reported the following:

  • Provided a detailed listing of how previous employer made them mad.
  • Hugged hiring manager at the end of the interview.
  • Ate all the candy from the candy bowl while trying to answer questions.
  • Constantly bad mouthed spouse.
  • Blew her nose and lined up the used tissues on the table in front of her.
  • Brought a copy of their college diploma that was obviously fake.
  • Wore a hat that said, “Take this job and shove it.”
  • Talked about how an affair cost him a previous job.
  • Threw his beer can in the outside trashcan before coming into the reception office.
  • Had a friend come in and ask “HOW MUCH LONGER?”
  • In addition to the most unusual gaffes, employers shared the most common mistakes candidates made during an interview:
  • Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview – 71%
  • Dressing inappropriately – 69%
  • Appearing disinterested – 69%
  • Appearing arrogant – 66%
  • Speaking negatively about a current or previous employer – 63%
  • Chewing gum – 59%
  • Not providing specific answers – 35%
  • Not asking good questions – 32%

“The good news is that the number of open jobs continues to improve month over month; however competition will remain high for some time to come,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder. “The goal of any interview is to stand out from the other candidates and ultimately land the job, but make sure you stand out for the right reasons. Even though the job search process can be frustrating, candidates should stay positive, focus on their strengths and be prepared on how to best sell their skill set.”

Haefner offers the following tips for successful interviews in a competitive job market:

§  Keep it upbeat: Many job seekers may be experiencing tougher than usual job searches in this economy. Even if your job search process has been frustrating, do what you can to remain positive and upbeat.

§  Prepare, prepare, prepare: Before the interview, research the company by looking at the press room for recent announcements, the About Us section for company culture, and the list of products so you are familiar with their offerings. Having this knowledge will allow you to easily answer and ask questions during the interview.

§  Keep it professional, not personal: Don’t let business decorum disappear even in the interview is in a casual setting. Refrain from discussing over-the-top personal issues and focus on the position and selling yourself.

§  Practice does make perfect: Nerves are likely to rear their head in an interview, so help calm them ahead of time by practicing. Go through common interview questions with a friend or family member and practice in front of a mirror so you can see read your body language.

§  Honesty is the best policy: If questions come up that you don’t know how to answer, don’t lie or pretend you know. Admit that you may not know the answer, but then explain how you would go about finding a solution, proving your resourcefulness.

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Mother’s Day 2011

Oh how you sparkles and oh how you shine and you look so good Mom!  Happy Mother’s to all the mom around the world especially for my mama.  She is the best and determines to stay put no matter what.  Thought I wish she handle her cell phone better.

Happy Mother’s day and see you soon!

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It’s typewriter!

Do you know what is this?  That’s right that call ‘Typewriter’.  With the usage of computer increasing day by day and also the application are completable for writing letter.  Thus people in these days no longer use typewrite anymore.  Unless he/she keep this as an antique.

In fact, I didn’t see typewrite for about 20years until today we saw this as Korea friend chicken restaurant.