Flat tire

My oh mine! As I wrapping my long day at work and I discovered that I got flat tired.  It is just wrong but hey still got to fix it.  Thank God I got AAA card with me and reach out my love.  I am so grateful it all fixed and I am also in the safety place.

The best things is Costco is around the corner thus my love suggested to fix all the tires since are so close to it.

Thank you so much love for your help.

Love me if you can

Sometimes I think that WAR is necessary!  Every night I pray for peace on Earth. I hand out my dollars to the homeless.  But believe that every able soul should work.

I am a person of my convictions.  Call me wrong, call me right.  But I bring my better angels to every fight.  You may not like where I am going, but you sure know where I stand.  Hate me if you want to, love me if you can.

Again, I stand my right to speak freely.  But I worry about what people learn from TV and online.  And before all of debating turns angry words and hate. But sometimes we should agree to disagree.  I believe that higher up there looks down here and sees us , and what he would says!

Hate me if you want to and love me if you can…

I call it my day

Once again all the Canadian got the day off because of Canadian day, Hong Kong celebrating return back to China and Princess Diana birthday as well as my birthday.  Thanks to my parents who brought me to this world.

Of course, I found the love of my life from thousand miles away from my home town.  made it here in America to love someone that care so much for me.  He always there for me no matter where, when and how.  Thanks to the blessing to the highest up there who blessed me with the love of my life.

Can’t wait to get off from work enjoy the long holiday weekend though…