Proud owner of 3 stories condo

Well, today is a very special day for me because I am the proud owner of condo.  With the economy crisis and many short sale and foreclosure everywhere.  In additional of such a good location and great deal thus I can’t pass this.

Of course, my lovely pie support me on and even gave me that 20% down aww… that’s makes my life even better.  I tried to pinch myself many times today to ensure if this is real lol!

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Taylor Swift visited Google HQ

Tay Tay in town!  That’s right the young and talented country pop superstar Taylor Swift stopped by Google HQ for Q&A before her show.  From the clip she is very open to answer all the questions but just way too many ‘Like’ and not sure she is aware about this!

Well, I can’t made it to the Q&A but at least I got the t-shirt.

All the best to her two nights shows at the San Jose HP Pavilion.