Christmas – Season to be jolly!

The day after Thanksgiving celebration.  Then follow by the black Friday for people to get great deals. Of course the radio station began to play Christmas music as well as Christmas decoration on the streets, malls and everywhere that you can imagine.

Since we are still in the recovering from overeats thus will plan to the decoration next weekend rather. I knew this is an excuse but hey I just want to enjoy ours time together.  Though I am looking forward to do some decoration next week for home as well as my office.  I did bought some of the cool cling gel and LED lights he he he…

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving normally falls on the 4th Thursday of the month of November.  Also means thus is the time that people overeating no matter where they are.

In this special day and I am grateful to spend quality time with love.  No cell phone nor computer.  I am very Thankful to the highest up there to guide me along the way.  Lead me to found my true love.


A very unique date we have today!  11.11.11 the date, month and year end up to be the similar numeric with ones.  However, it’s also a veteran’s day on 11th November.

To those Veteran and we salute you and thought the new music from Dierks Bentley ‘Home’ it’s just perfect for this day.  Here’s the video clip and enjoy.