Suck up! Well, not me!

That’s right! I have been hiatus for a while now.  Well no, l am on vacation or enjoy my leisure time but  I dealing with problems rather.   It has been long and hard road for me for this couple months with school and work reorg.  I have been trying my best to cope the change but people still on my case.  Management took away all my projects and letting me do the lower end work.  Again the message did not come from the management but it came from peer.   In additional, they moved me out from the office.  Well, some morons that can’t do much but the only way is to ‘Suck Up’ to secure their position.

I am very sick and tired of all these crap.  In fact, applying jobs daily and hopefully something will come up soon for me.  This is because the political here sucks simply because l don’t suck up.

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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