‘Have hope, have commitment, be honest with yourself and trust me when I say you can do this!’- Dr. Phil

I found this inspiration quote from Dr. Phil’s tweet really cool ‘Have hope, have commitment, be honest with yourself and trust me when I say you can do this!’.  What an inspiration treat for all us that needed the most.  I understand it may not easy but to do at least we need give it a try.

Thank you Dr. Phil for the quote and with the hope, commitment and self honesty we will step to the next level. I know l can do this and I will keep going.

Sushi night Aww…


Despite many restaurants in Bay Area from Chinese to Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Italian, Western many more cuisine.  Some of them still keep the authentic menu and some of them follow local demands.  But I love it all as long as good and also depends on my mood what I wants for that time.   As  tonight we are thinking of ‘Sushi Night’,

Happy Friday and “I say SAKE, you say BOMB…” “SAKE” “BOMB!” what a night to wrap up the crazy week aww…

Kampai everyone!

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It’s laziness not homeless!

We can see homeless standing near the traffic lights pole in every corner of the street.  With the sign made of cut board paper ‘Homeless Please Help, God Bless’. The age from very young age to old regardless male or female.  I feel very sorry for them especially in this cold winter.  I can’t even stand more than 10mins outside with my tick jacket but they stand there for hours.

But again, I don’t understand why they can’t look for jobs!  I bet even minimum wage helps rather than easy way and uncertain income by bagging with strangers.   Though there is one young man stands at the corner with wife and children bagging for money.  Obviously, his strategy is towards sympathy but don’t care of his family health to be there in the cold.  Again, if he can’t even feed himself then why marriage and even have children knowingly that he can’t provide.  Also, willing to extend family remembers and yet don’t even try to look for jobs.  That’s call  ‘laziness’ rather as this is the easy way out.

I knew we are dealing with great desperation for years now and most of us taking home less than it should be.  But we as citizen need to play our role to be independence and have a moral to work for the $ not like bagging with others.  This is why l don’t contribute to homeless with money period.  Just hope people have more sense of humor to work the right way to get pay.

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Extremely cold

This winter is extremely cold to California.  The freezing temperature continuing day by day.  The temperature between 20 – 30 at night is extremely unusual here.  I am grateful that I have a place call home to give me warm and secure.

Hope those homeless folks will able to find shelter.

Stay warm and safe…

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Breakfast in bed baby!

ChickenStrips and CheeseBread

Life is good! When woke in the lazy Sunday noon time being served with the yummy cheesy garlic bread with chicken tender and orange ginger dip also the OJ in bed. That’s wonderful and I like it and love it.

Just love my honey bee for being so lovely and he even added a little spoon for me to scoop the dipping sauce. He is so sweet and l feels the TLC babe.

Thank you so much love.

Well deserved that second chance

Who dislike those spicy and warm foods in cold weather!  Well, l will vote ‘Yes’ in anytime if you asks.  It was disappointed on our meal couple months ago in Korean restaurant.   Basically, 80% of our orders don’t that taste like it should.

  • Seafood pancake – Basically eggs, scallions and couple squids + tasteless
  • Spicy chicken – extremely bland
  • Tofu stew – The soup just pure water with chili paste

Seriously, both of us were hungry but we don’t feel like eat it.  As soon as we walking away and the owner came by and asked what’s wrong as we don’t eat much.  Thus we asked him to try and he did.  He apologized and asked us to stay as they will redo the food to us.  But I wasn’t in the mood in Korean anymore.  Then the owner said he will give us discount if we give another try next time.  He even asked my email address.

After couple weeks, the owner emailed me if we give them a chance to serve us. I was surprise to see the owner got such good follow up.  Though l didn’t responses for couple days and guess what he email me again and l responses to him OK we will give another try.

So, last night we went there and the owner recognized us and quickly gets us the seat. The food that we ordered are satisfying the spicy pork just so good, the seafood pancake is yummy stew is rich.  I told my love that we make a right choice to give them another try.  Probably, that meal that we had couple months ago because of good cook got a bad day!  It was very enjoying dinner l would say.  Then we notice that 2 orders on our bill were cross ‘Seafood pancake, Tofu Stew’ and shows on the house.

Wow!  I am amazed how the owner handled their customer.  He cares of his customers and follow ups and asked for second chance.  He is a truly good ethic business man and tried his way to win back customers confident.  I feel grateful to give another try on that restaurant and they well deserved the second chance.  Will definitely go back…

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Behind the clouds

As l listening to my iTunes and this music ‘Behind the Clouds’ stood out and stuck on my head since.  This is a sound track of the movie Cars sung by Brad Paisley.  As usual this category of music always brings meaningful and lovely lyric that can relate to anyone around the world in particularly to me in 2012.

Damn, l was darn stupid to let this happened to me. Obviously, l made a wrong decision to be there in the first place. Looking bad l was stowed and terrify.  The work place that l love and care so much became so new and pain to me since the evil join. Out of the blue, l became so lonely and lost in let down!  Seems like dark sky following me around ever since. Not forgetting admitted ER and couple hospital visits.  Others will need to play their cards in order to survive. Had been addressed dramatic to the upper level in regards to the abuses but it doesn’t seems work.  Well, it doesn’t matter to me it just a job after all.   If they don’t care the dark side of them and who am l to point it out?  All l can say is May God Bless them and wish them well!  I will move on because I don’t belong here.

I am grateful because l’m certainly in better place now as don’t have to fight for right things to do. Made a right decision to walk away from the dirt even may not see the silver lining but l knew behind the clouds the sky is shining.

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Welcome 2013

Aloha and welcome year 2013!   Happy New Year to all and may this year bring love, peace and joy where ever you are.  I am very excited brand new year and will ensure to achieve my mission.

May Lord Bless the year of 2013 and peace be with us all.  Amen!