Too cute to eat

Cheerful Custard Buns How lovely these custard buns looks!  Oh my, we stared at them for a while before we eat it away.  Thank God camera helps to capture the moment.  The bun texture is good as well as the custard filing is rich and fresh.  Of course, the decoration is stunning especially for the female with tiny pink ribbon on top of left eye.  It makes me smile and feeling happy when I look at it.  Trust me it’s just too cute to eat them though

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Hail dropping in Southern California!

This winter is extremely cold and unpredictable.  In fact, people in mid west are suffering the snow storm now!   Some of the freeways were close and many flights were cancelled.  I am lucky to lives in California to enjoy the warmer weather even some of the nights the weather temperature drop to 30 degrees.  But today, was exception and hail dropping around 4pm while I am on my home.  Those hail hit my windshield quite hard and I can hear the solid sound though then it immediately melt away.  I was very excited as this is my first time witnessing hail. Just too bad don’t have time to take the picture only.

Thank God I am home safe but still feel very happy to witness the hail dropping.

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day fall on 02/14 where people, lovers, married couple celebrate their ‘LOVE’.  Regardless, whether VDay fall on weekday or weekend everyone has the own celebration either pillow fight in SF, dining a romantic dinner or some other activities with their love ones.  All end up with one goal to express love.

Yes indeed, the picture of this sweet strawberry covered with rich creamy chocolate just to die for and I enjoy every bite of iVDAY2013t.  I feel the special love already and it just noon time now but my heart is looking forward on tonight event and I can’t wait.

Happy Valentine to you my sweety and lovely hubby. Also, to people around the world!  Let’s the feel of love begin right now.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai – Chinese celebrating Lunar New Year

I would like to wish all my Chinese friends around the world ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’.   I know Asian pals already celebrating the CNY however it still won’t be too late wish them.  May the year of water snake bring lights to your path,everyone in good health, safe and happiness.

The tradition celebration begin with new year eve.  All family member to join the reunion  lunch or dinner follow by start drinking.  However, the wife’s will assists maid to clean up the table and chatting.   Children will start playing the firework at the lawn.

The yummy dishes includes:

  • Seafood hotpot
  • Five spices braise duck
  • Curry chicken
  • Stir-fried jicama, carrot, mushroom, streaky port, dried cuttlefish
  • Stir-fried veggie
  • Dry Tomyam Prawn

Then we stay until mid night to welcome the New Year arriving.  Woke early morning to wish parent ‘Happy New Year’ and receive ‘Ang Pow AKA red evelope’ then straight to church.  Follow by stop by granny home to wish everyone Happy New Year.  Though the new year last for 15days day.

Though I missed both the celebration and the reunion very much.  Didn’t celebrate CNY since I migrated into America . Looking forward to go back home town to celebrate those good time and food with love.

No, is no longer an option

If, l have a choice to be a potato couch rather than work out in gym and I would be potato couch for sure.   But somehow the excuses and reasons dominated my thoughts and lead me to find the easy way out.   There is no doubt that there comes a time in everyone’s life.  When all you can see are years passing by but I have made up my mind to that those days are gone.   Hence, ‘No, is no longer an option’ for me anymore.

I have been thinking to take Customs Brokerage License exam for years.  Somehow there are so many excuses and reasons that blind signed me.  But hey, l submitted my application today to take the exam in April with that means No is no longer an option. All, l need to do is study and do my best.

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112 countries Secretary of State visited – Hillary Clinton

Today, is the last day of our Secretary of Stated on her four years service to Nation.  She visited 112 countries during her term.  Thanks to to share the photos.  Just wish Bill Clinton will be the candidate but John Kelly instead.

She might be the next candidate running for President for 2016. No matter what, we wish her the best and get some rest and quality time with family before start running for the next project.