Pleasant weather with QT and good food!

What can I asked for more to enjoy the pleasant weather by the pool, spending quality time and enjoying yummy food with my love.  Oh my, that’s the way to wrapped up the long weekdays and caught up with our quality time.

Hope everyone enjoy your weekend as well and cheers!

I am back!

OMG!  After 6months hiatus and I am now back to where I was in Silicon Valley.  I am pumped and excited in the same time to hold this position.  Looking forward to make a difference and continue success.  Understood, it will not be easy especially long commute and class after work.  But I am ready to challenge all of these road blocks.  Never ever easily give up and move forward towards success.

Let’s go Ninja let’s go!

The math that doesn’t add up!

In theory  1 + 1 = 2 where kids may easily give you the correct answer.  Also, when you travel to new a place probably will try their local authentic things such food or drink.   Though I got irritated to listen to my co-worker on his announcement that he is going TH months before his trip then listen to his talk about his experiences in TH for 2weeks straight.   Guess what he is talking about?  I ordered fried rice in Thailand!   Well, sounds awkward ordered fried rice in Thailand instead of Tom Yam Kung or Mango sticky rice.

I am lost and confuse!  Wonder why would you ordered Dim Sum in Mexico instead of enchiladas?  Another good example is: An individual who I knew and he was a Director of Cooperate office.  With the nasty company political and fired many great workers himself.  Then he quit to redeem himself by working in the church community.   Hmm just another math that doesn’t add up.

Bad People Behavior +7

As I am enjoying the arrival of spring and took a week off just to kick back and relax.  Having some me time to do my own thing such as waxing, facial and also preparing my spring class etc.  Two days ago, I participated the Cosmetic seminar and it was good because they Dermatology explain the product well.  However, while some of the participants asking questions and the lady who seat next to me trying her best to move as many freebies to her corner as possible.  Though I stare at her then she stop as she realized someone is noticing.  Then when I started to asked questions about the products. She started again and this time she grabbed the items and walk out from the conference room.  OMG!  Really!! Not sure where is she came from but I don’t think this is right thing to do.

Another incident happened last night.  As my instructor wrapping up the class.  Thus most of the students did the same.  I notice there is a helmet that someone left behind thus I just asked out loud ‘Who left behind the helmet’.  The one who seat next to me told me that he will take it instructor thus I just stop asking and start packing.   Guess what he walked the helmet without talk to instructor at all.  Again, this is a wrong doing…

I am a little confuse and mad in the same time.  Because I can’t stop them to do it.  Just hope people may be more considerate and don’t take advantage of things.

Spring Break

Guess what I completed the US Customs exam on 04/03 and that’s my ‘Spring Break’ began.  It was relaxing don’t have to wake up 3am to study and nervous about the test anymore.   Though my spring class will be begin on 04/08 so l will try my best to enjoy these few days that I can then start a new chapter.

It’s gonna be great!  Looking forward to spend QT with my love where every couple of the world should be aw…

p/s: Just close your close and feel it…

Hard to do the right things!

I was shocked and annoyed in the same time!!!  But I am grateful I am out from that cave yuck!

I’m try to be nice to give my employer two weeks notice after I accepted an offer from my new employer.  But my employer let me go right away.  Actually, my intentionally to delay my start date to ensure they have time to find replacement but they doesn’t seems appreciate my effort.  That’s really pissed me off.  Perhaps, they do not wants me to hanging around reminding them that I am heading to something bigger and better then them.  (Sour grapes)

Though I am glad I am out from there.  Especially with unhealthy work environment such as low pay, micro managing and old school.  Well, let them stay that cave then!  As for me I did the right thing and professional.  However, this incident lead me to think it is hard to do the right thing.

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