Chef Sam Choy in campus today!

It was a beautiful day with the 90 degree weather temperature outside.  I would say it perfect to sock up the sun but I wasn’t plan to do so because I got quiz in class later in the evening.  After my 1:1 session with my boss and he invited me to lunch.  Thus I just go and guess what I notice there is ‘Luau Party’ going on in Hacker Square with Hawaiian music and dancing as well.  Guess what the great Chef Sam Choy is here at well.  Whoa I was hock and decided to enjoy the party too.

There are 6 lines of people queue for the food but it went very quickly though.  The Poke ah is just divine and Salmon poached with citrus is so good.  Snap picture and got signed hard cover cook book from him as well.  What a treat…Mahalo!

Happy Mother Day – 05.10.2013

A wish and Thank you to mom around the world today ‘ Happy Mother’s day’.  First, Thanks for get us here in this planet and giving the unconditional love and makes us feel warm inside all the time.  You are so gentle, full of grace and pure.  Love the food that you make and you are the one and the ONLY best mom that I have.

Can’t wait to see you soon…