The beauty of Summer

Tulips That’s right the beauty of summer shows color of clothing and flowers regardless, red, yellow, purple or white you can just name it.  I am glad to have a weekend of summer break and to enjoy to the max with no worry of quiz or test.

Though next week will be back to normal busy life with work and class at night. Well, just take a step at a time.  I am certainly look for productive week ahead.

Happy Summer and be safe everyone!


Racism scandal – Paula Deen

The media’s are buzzing every second of the hot topic ‘Racism scandal’ since the apology  clip published on YouTube.  The famous #Southern comfort home cook celebrity admitted she has been using N word and racism slur in the past.  She is currently dealing with court case with her former employee on this scandal.  After the apology clip published and Food Network confirmed that they will not renew her contract by end of this month.

Again, no matter how rich or famous she is and did such a stupid mistake and she needs to suck it up and deal with it.  Though I am glad she admitted so.  I personally don’t think the apology clip helps in any way but time might wash it away…

What a shame…

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Loves his everything

On the lazy evening and we were sitting on the couch chatting and also checking our email. As I am writing email and look up my love and then I started lost in somewhere else.  His blue eyes, his smile, his caring and his love just drives me crazy.  I means CRAZY…grateful that having me to his life.  Though I would say I am the most luckiest girl in the world.  Love his everything…

My experience of working with small company..

Yuck and not a chance!  That’s my impression on working with small company and advised you don’t even think about it.  But I am asking you to keep trying to look around.  You will definitely found a good one.

Alright, l was with that small company about 6months long while looking for my dream job.  It was horrible,  the entire company have  5 people includes the owner both husband and wife both are pissy type.  The fun stuffs includes..

  1. very low pay
  2. micro managing
  3. Specific lunch time
  4. No benefit
  5. No OT
  6. Old school
  7. Give more task 10mins to 5pm
  8. Small client
  9. Bitching boss lady – always moody, sometime slam the her office door, drama queen
  10. Suck up manager to secure her job
  11. move cases drinking water and boxes of paper from 4th floor to 5th floor – They don’t have trolly for god sack!
  12. Argument between the boss man and boss lady, drama

The idiot boss was spilling the beans that he is going to overseas for months before his trip. Then after he is back and talk for weeks about the experience.  Also,  told me that Gangnam style is Japanese music!  Seriously?  After I left  is about two months now and he is still stalking my LinkedIn and viewing my profile every week.  OMG! what a moron.

Oh boy, the 19inches monitor and desktop computer doesn’t impress me.  And the boss man constantly came to my desk and check my computer with the reason ‘checking spy ware’.  Yea, right!

Boss lady, made up lots of rule because she is ‘HR’ but she only do what she wants.  On the other, hands she will nail others especially me because I didn’t practice suck up with small issues and sometime she didn’t even find our the root cause.  Geez!

As for the operation manager, she sucks up big time to secure her position.  Clean up after lunch with lunch with bosses.  Get drink for them and etc.  But when she talks with me was totally different individual.   She is just low class..

I was struggling during that time because working with mentally ill + low IQ people with fancy title like Owner, VP and Manager.  I would say #Fxxx you.  Gosh, these people are leaving in cave.  Probably, l got the bad luck to face with these morons but generally small company tense to have at least 9 of the above reasons though

So think twice even consider to work with small company.   Thank God I am out from there.

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