OZ214 crash landed in SFO Airport

Asiana 214_0707062013 It was #chaos after the plane crash landed at SFO Airport on L28 run way.  The flight 214 was landed too low and slow according to the tower and witness.  This flight is from Incheon includes 16 Asiana crew and 291 passengers.   Sadly, two teenagers from China claimed death as both seated at the back of the plane.  The teens bodies were found outside the wreckage according to the authorities.   49 were in serious condition and were sent to nearby hospital.

One of the passenger/David Eu who is Samsung Executive tweet about the incident and I quoted ‘I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal’.   Sheryl Sandberg who is COO of Facebook who suppose to on board on the flight but she and the rest of her team changed the flight 20mins prior departure.  What a remarkable decision.   Thought and prayers to Asiana 214 families and speedy recovery.

For another new updates check on twitter #SFO for latest updates.   Of course, due to the incident the hotel rates in peninsula go up crazily from $89 to $329 per night.

The airline said mechanical problems did not cause the crash and bet the pilot or so call ‘Bus Driver’ need to do lots of explanation on the short landing.

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